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2017 Board of Directors

President – John Hudalla (president@oldfarmpool.org)
Vice President – Amantha Linkie
Treasurer – Rob Follit
Secretary – Jen Chaney
Director – Lindsay Jauss
Director – Missy Maloney
Director – David Markert
Director – Mike Morper
Director – Amy Ruther
Director – Scott Speier
Director – Tom Walsh
Director – Cindy Zelaya

2017 Committee Chairpersons

Maintenance/Buildings & Grounds: Rob Follit, Tom Walsh, Scott Speier
Dive Team: David Markert, Tom Walsh
Pool Operations/Guard Liaison: John Hudalla, Cindy Zelaya
Long Range Planning: David Markert, Mike Morper
Membership: Amy Ruther, Lindsay Jauss
Merchandise: Amantha Linkie, Cindy Zelaya
Paddle Tennis, Pickleball: Scott Speier, Tom Walsh, Rob Follit
Social/Private Parties: Missy Maloney, Amantha Linkie, Scott Speier
Special Programs (Masters/Water Aerobics): Cindy Zelaya, Lindsay Jauss
Swim Team: Amantha Linkie, Lindsay Jauss
Technology and Website: Mike Morper, Jen Chaney
Development: Mike Morper, Jen Chaney