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Old Farm Swim and Paddle Tennis Club February 2012 Update

Feb 14, 2012   //   by oldfarmpool   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events), News, Notes from the President  //  No Comments

Here it is, the middle of February and we are already well on our way thinking about the 2012 swim season at the pool. As a quick recap of what the Board of Directors has been doing since the last update, first and most important is that during the General Membership Meeting conducted in November 2011, our members elected the Board of Directors for the 2012 season. We welcomed Suzanne Stack to the Board and said farewell to Jill Ray, who retired from the Board after many years of service.

The 2012 Board of Directors includes the following members:

  • Bruce Kay – President (Pool Operations, Guard Liaison)
  • Griff Lindsay – Vice President (Swim Team, Pool Operations, Special Projects)
  • Rob Follit – Treasurer (Maintenance)
  • Jay Matson – Recording Secretary (Swim Team)
  • Scott Speier – (Paddle Tennis, Special Projects)
  • Dave Ohlrich – (Guard Liaison, Pool Operations)
  • Marla Caplon – (Social Activities, Concessions)
  • Ed Rich – (Buildings and Grounds, Special Projects)
  • Debbie Labonski – (Social Activities, Merchandise)
  • Pat May – (Membership, Information Technology/Website)
  • Connie Jacobson – (Dive Team, Buildings and Grounds)
  • Suzanne Stack – (Pool Operations, Special Programs)

A Quick Review

Our Board of Directors is already working hard to identify coaches for the swim and dive teams and working with our pool management company to identify lifeguard staff and improvements to the guard operations to maintain and increase the safety of our members and guests.

In an effort to provide improved services and facilities prior to the start of the 2011 season, the Board approved several actions that proved to be appreciated by our members and guests. These improvements included the complete replacement of the flagstone in the picnic area, repair of the volleyball court, upgrades and repairs to the paddle tennis courts, initial replacement of our aging deck furniture including lounge chairs, upright chairs and umbrellas, new sound system and upgraded website to keep everyone informed of events and important information.

 Continued Upgrades

As we are currently developing the 2012 operating budget, we are continuing to look at areas of improvement. We anticipate the budget to include funds for the continued replacement of the aging deck furniture with the purchase of additional chairs and umbrellas; we are researching and will install a security camera system providing 24 hour visibility of the pool property that we hope to link with the Old Farm Pool website allowing for our members and potential members to view, in real time, activities at the pool.

Because this system will have the ability to record events, we hope this will discourage any after-hours mischief or activities that may occur on pool property, to include the parking lot. We also anticipate the purchase and installation of a chair lift allowing members with disabilities or who may need assistance the ability to safely enter and exit the pool. We know that prior to the start of the 2013 season that a new white coating will be required for the main pool. Our current white coat was completed prior to the start of the 2005 season and is in need of resurfacing. The planning for this process will also include the installation of steps and a handrail system in the shallow end to improve access to the water for those who may need some extra help entering and exiting the water.

Planning Ahead

The continued improvements offered to our members and guests do not come without a cost. Our operating budget is based almost exclusively on the dues from our members and fees we collect for guests and parties. We have not raised dues in the past three seasons and given the improvements already implemented and anticipated, the Board is considering what dues increases are appropriate. Once the budget is approved, we will provide updated dues information to our members and on the website.

Once again, thanks to all the members of the Board of Directors for the great volunteer services they provide, all year long, to keep the pool facility running. Thanks to all our general pool members for the continued loyalty and support you provide and for helping us by identifying potential new members, allowing us to welcome them to Old Farm Swim and Paddle Tennis Club.



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