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Swim Team – Volunteer Opportunities!

Jun 6, 2012   //   by Swim Team   //   Swim Team  //  No Comments

Calling all volunteers to help with a couple of aspects of swim meets! 

1.  FOOD.  Marla Caplon will be managing our concession stand this season.  Marla has been in this role for as long as I can remember (and I’m not a kid any more).  But she can’t do it alone.  This is a crticial part of swim meets, not only because it ensures we have food and drink on Saturday mornings (when we skipped breakfast at home) and Wednesday evenings (when we should be eating dinner), but because it helps raise money to supplement the team budget!  We need a few people willing to help sell at the table, and a few people to work the grill.  Otherwise, on Saturday mornings we’ll put out a box of Cheerios and a gallon of milk and watch everyone go all Hunger Games for it.

2.  PHOTOS.  For a long time, Bryan Ray (spouse of Jill, father of Jordan) was lurking on the pool deck with a camera taking shots of all the swimmers, which he and Jill would organize for a slide show at the banquet.  Bryan is “retired” now (from his photo duties), so if we want to keep the slide show tradition alive, we need folks to take photos of the kids at the meets.  In particular, we need one or two people to take the lead on this, which could be taking the photos themselves (as Bryan did), or collecting photos from other parents who are casually taking shots (or maybe a mix of the two).  Otherwise, at the banquet we’ll have 60 seconds of silence when people can close their eyes and visualize what all the kids looked like in the pool.

If you are interested in helping out with concessions for a particular meet or all season, or you are interested in helping with photos and/or the slide show, please let Jay Matson know at jrmatson3@gmail.com.

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