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2014 Membership Invoices

Greetings Everyone!

Hopefully the worst of the winter is behind us and we can start looking forward to an exciting and event-filled summer at Old Farm Pool.  By now all of you should have received your 2014 Membership Invoices offering you the opportunity to take advantage of our popular Early Bird payment program.  This year we have also included the ability to pay online with a credit card.  There is a fee associated with this method, but for some, I know it may be more convenient than paying by check.  If you have not received your invoice or you had difficulty opening the email with your dues information, please contact either Mike Morper (our Director for Information Technology), or John Hudalla (our Director for Membership) membership@oldfarmpool.org.

As the opening day gets closer, we will be asking for volunteers to help us with spring cleaning, we hope you will be able to spare some time on a few upcoming weekends to come up to the pool and pitch in with some gardening work or leaf removal or other spring cleaning chores.

Looking forward to seeing you at the pool.



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