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Message from the President

Jun 13, 2014   //   by President   //   Notes from the President  //  No Comments

The 2014 season has gotten off to a great start. Our membership numbers have increased over 2013 and that is very good news for all of us. We have received lots of positive comments on the modifications and improvements implemented this season, so thanks to everyone on the Board of Directors and volunteers for the hard work you have done.

Please join us on Saturday June 21st for the Wine and Cheese event starting at 7:30pm and show your support for the pool by purchasing our new line of Old Farm Pool merchandise!

We are looking for volunteers to help up with activities at the pool on July 4th. If you are interested, please contact Katie Tietgen, our Director for Social Events.

Just to quickly review a few item that have come to our attention and we ask for your support.

– You are welcome to use the shallow area of the pool while FINS students are there for morning classes. If it becomes crowded, FINS will shift to the area under the portable guard chair.

– We are eliminating the 11:45am adult swim whistle to accommodate our members with young children and allow them more time in the water early in the day.

– The baby pool may not be used during swim meets. Although there are guards at pool, they are not on deck specifically watching baby pool.

– Please keep all food and beverages in the grassed or patio area or in close proximity to the tables. There should be no food or beverage on the deck and certainly not in the water. Please put all trash and recyclables in the conveniently located containers around the pool area.

– We remind you that there is also no eating in baby pool area and no deck furniture in baby pool.

– We ask our parents with kids on the swim team, please help clean up the team area after meets so that we can re-open the pool for all our members after meets end as quickly as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you at the pool!


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