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2017 Annual Membership Meeting Announcement

Oct 30, 2017   //   by oldfarmpool   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events), News  //  No Comments

Dear Old Farm Swim and Paddle Members:

The ANNUAL MEETING of the Old Farm Swim and Paddle Tennis Club will be held at 7:30 PM on Thursday, November 16, 2017, at the Farmland Elementary School Multipurpose Room.  The Board of Directors encourages you to attend this important annual meeting.

There are three important issues on the November 16th agenda:

New Board of Directors Election

First is the election of new members to our Board of Directors.  We urge you to participate using the electronic voting system described below.  

The nominating committee proposes the election and/or re-election of the following candidates to fill four Director vacancies and three Nominating Committee seats:

Slate of Candidates for the Board of Directors

  • Rob Follit* 3 year term to expire November 30, 2020
  • David Markert* 3 year term to expire November 30, 2020
  • Lou Charlip 3 year term to expire November 30, 2020
  • Staffan Sandberg 3 year term to expire November 30, 2020

*Current Board Member

Slate of Candidates for the 2018 Nominating Committee

  • Bruce Kay**
  • Mike Morper
  • Katie Teitgen

**Current member of Nominating Committee

Very shortly, all Continuing Members will receive an email message that will include instructions and a link to the website where you will vote for or against the candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee.  We ask that you please vote before the General Membership meeting.

Review of 2017 swim and paddle tennis season

Second on the agenda will be a review of the 2017 swim and paddle tennis season.

Georgetown Aquatics continued to provide us pool management and guard operations this past season.  The manager was Ethan Hutton.  The Board is in the process of seeking bids from several management companies, including Georgetown Aquatics,  prior to determining which company to engage in 2018.

The pool house roof, gutters, and downspouts were replaced prior to the 2017 season.  Although our insurance proceeds from the May 2016 hail storm covered much of the work, Kris Konstruction provided certain upgrades that were not within the scope of the insurance proceeds.  For example, Kris Konstruction donated gutter guards and some of our downspouts.  Thank you, Kris Konstruction.

The Board also voted to replace the canopy structure near the grills with a beautiful new pavilion that measures 14 feet x 30 feet.  We constructed this pavilion after hearing feedback that our members wanted to see something more substantial and visually pleasing.  After the season was completed, two fan/lights and an electrical outlet were added inside the pavilion.  I’m sure you will agree this is a welcome addition to the club.  

The Board would like to express our great thanks to the following people who made major contributions to the pavilion project: 

Old Farm member Chris Scango generously donated materials and the services of his company, Capitol Hardscapes, to provide the concrete footers that are the foundation of the pavilion.  While his crew was at the pool, they also repaired a number of loose stones in the deck and in the retaining walls.  Thank you, Chris.

Another Old Farm member, Danielle Bennett of Danielle Bennett Photography, took it upon herself to raise funds for the pavilion project. She raised and donated $470 through the sale of Old Farm cups and photo sessions.  Thank you, Danielle.

During the 2017 season, we welcomed around 20 new continuing membership families to our community.  Our total membership was about the same as 2016, with gains in continuing members and a commensurate drop in temporary members.  Our revenue increased year-over-year, and we have maintained a balanced budget.  The Board would like to thank all members for your continued financial support.  We are fully member supported, so Old Farm Pool would not be the great community amenity it is without all of you.  The final membership numbers for 2017 were as follows:  

Continuing: 192
Sustaining: 45
Temporary: 45
Total: 282

Our platform tennis program continues to thrive.  Last year’s mild winter saw substantial activity on the courts, with people enjoying both the game and the weather.  During the 2016-17 season, we had 17 single and 3 family platform tennis-only members.  (Old Farm Pool members are always welcome to play platform tennis as part of their membership benefits.)  The 2017-18 platform tennis season is commencing soon, and all are invited to play.  For more information or to schedule time on the courts, please contact our platform tennis chair, Scott Speier (301-984-5757).

Our pickleball program (initially launched in 2016) continued to expand in 2017 with 33 pickleball-only members, 6 platform tennis crossover players, and 7 pool members.  (Old Farm Pool members and platform tennis-only members are always welcome to play pickleball as part of their membership benefits.)  The recent resurfacing of the parking lots allowed us to add a second pickleball court to the lower lot.  We are planning to hold several “introduction to pickleball” sessions for club members who want to learn more about this popular growing sport.  For more information or to schedule time on the courts, please contact our pickleball chair, Rob Follit (240-401-2976).

The Club sponsored more social events during Summer 2017 than in any season in recent memory.  We started the social season with a Kickoff party at 7-Locks Brewery before the pool opened, and we ended the social season with an Oktoberfest party after the pool closed.  Our season included two other events for adults (the Wine, Beer and Cheese Party and the Endless Summer Luau) and four events for kids and families (the End of School Kids’ Luau, Fourth of July party, Movie Night Under the Stars, and the Back to School Bash).  We thank the large group of talented volunteers without whom these events would not take place.  We’re already planning our activities for 2018, so if you’d like to get involved in planning or helping with social events, please contact our social chair, Missy Maloney, at social@oldfarmpool.org

The Old Farm Swim Team had another amazing season in 2017.  The team finished the season with a 4-1 record and earned a third-place finish in Division H of the Montgomery County Swim League.  As a result, the Eagles will be advancing to Division G in 2018.  In addition to the winning record, the team continue to grow, with just shy of 200 swimmers participating in team activities this summer.  Our coaching staff was again provided by the dynamic FINS Swimming program, which is led by Nick Kaufman.  Our Head Coach this past summer was Old Farm legend Danny Charlip.  We thank FINS for the excellent coaching they provide to us each summer, and we look forward to having them back for the 2018 season.  

It was another successful summer dive season, and the team grew in size to 38 divers.  For the second year in a row, Old Farm finished atop Division IV of the Montgomery County Diving League.  Our new head coach, Katie Young, led the dive team to a 3-2 regular season record and a dominating victory at Division IV Championship meet.  The Eagles also had 10 divers qualify for the All-Stars Meet, which is the highest number of All-Star divers we have had in many years.  The team will be advancing to Division‍‍⁠ III for 2018.

Thanks to our small but dedicated group of grounds volunteers, the Club made some small steps towards enhancing the overall appearance of our grounds.  Old Farm member Brian Ruther built a fenced enclosure for storing our pool cover.  Perennials and native ground cover was planted and hardscape accent points were established on a part of the bank.  We also started a small herb garden that will hopefully mature into an ongoing supply of fresh herbs to enhance your grilling.  The beds in the front of the poolhouse are also being re-configured.  In October, we also had several dead or decaying trees removed from our grounds.

Similar to the past several years, Old Farm hosted masters swimming, triathlon training, and water aerobics in 2017.  Master Swimming was led by Tollefson Swimming, and triathlon training for kids and adults was led by Old Farm’s own Coach (Christina) Dorrer.  Although we initially had trouble engaging a water aerobics instructor, we were fortunate to find Ewelina Ferenc, who led Sunday morning classes.  We expect that all of these programs will be returning in 2018.

Despite our best efforts, our merchandise sales did not go smoothly this year.  Working with a local vendor, we intended to set up online ordering, but the vendor’s system did not work.  We were able to fulfill some paper orders for certain items, however.  Although we have attempted to settle all orders, please contact Cindy Zelaya at cins1@aol.com if you still believe there is a problem.  We also have limited white long sleeve t-shirts and gray t-shirts left, so please contact Cindy if you are interested.

Review potential capital improvement projects

Third on the agenda will be a discussion about the future capital projects and expenditures that are being considered by the Board.  These projects include:

  1. Removal of sand volleyball court and potential installation of concrete or a multi-sport surface.
  2. Conversion of shuffleboard courts into additional seating area with new furniture.
  3. Installation of a second pavilion on the northwest patio by the soda machines to replace the existing tent structure.
  4. Baby pool replacement/enhancements.

These potential upgrades to the pool facilities are costly, but will provide improved services that we believe our members want.  We will discuss these items as well as how to pay for them at the November General Membership meeting, so we ask that you attend and let us know what you think.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank all members of the Board of Directors for volunteering countless hours during the 2017 season.  I would especially like to thank Mike Morper and Cindy Zelaya, who will be leaving the Board as of November 30, 2017.  Here were the Board members’ areas of responsibility for the 2017 season.

Maintenance/Buildings & Grounds: Rob Follit, Tom Walsh, Scott Speier
Dive Team: David Markert, Tom Walsh
Pool Operations/Guard Liaison: John Hudalla, Cindy Zelaya
Long Range Planning: David Markert, Mike Morper
Membership: Amy Ruther, Lindsay Jauss
Merchandise: Amantha Linkie, Cindy Zelaya
Paddle Tennis, Pickleball: Scott Speier, Tom Walsh, Rob Follit
Social/Private Parties: Missy Maloney, Amantha Linkie, Scott Speier
Special Programs (Masters/Water Aerobics): Cindy Zelaya, Lindsay Jauss
Swim Team: Amantha Linkie, Lindsay Jauss
Technology and Website: Mike Morper, Jen Chaney
Development: Mike Morper, Jen Chaney

The officers of the Club for 2017 (as elected by the Board of Directors) were as follows:

  • President: John Hudalla
  • Vice President: Amantha Linkie
  • Secretary: Jen Chaney
  • Treasurer: Rob Follit

I also would like to thank the following people for their contributions during the 2017 season:

  • Swim Team A Reps: Dan & Jenn Rudolph
  • Swim Team B Rep: Hon. Liz Hayes
  • Dive Team Rep: Lizzy Menard
  • Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant to the Board: Amy Ruther

This letter is being sent electronically in order to reduce expenses.  All Continuing Members will be receiving an electronic proxy ballot shortly.  We ask you to complete the ballot on-line and respond back to us before the General Membership meeting.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting!


John A. Hudalla


Old Farm Swim and Paddle Tennis Club, Inc.

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