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Social programs this year at the pool. Who can help?

Feb 15, 2017   //   by oldfarmpool   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events), News  //  No Comments

Hello members!

My name is Missy Maloney and I am the Social Chair for Old Farm Pool this summer.  I am looking for some volunteers to help with our social agenda.  I have been told that we can have as little or as much as there is enthusiasm for!  I have a few volunteers already and a number of members thinking about helping in some way.  I would like to get the activities on the calendar and setup now.  Would you consider helping with one event?  There might be one activity that you have particularly liked in the past and would like to see repeated… maybe with your own ideas!  My goal is to not overburden any one member but to bring our community closer.  Please call or email if you would like to help!

Thanks, in advance!

Missy Maloney
301-646-0593 call/text me anytime!

Pre-Season Party 
We could do this if someone is interested in coordinating this activity…  a couple of friends, maybe?  
(Last Year:  Saturday, May 16:  Rockin’ Pre-Season Party (7:00 – ):  We were thinking about a fundraiser night at either Gilley’s or Seven Locks Brewing Co although a coordinator could do whatever they like.  Potentially a beer-tasting could be setup?  Could be bring-your-own food at the Seven Locks Brewing Co. or, they sometimes have a food truck set up.  

Opening Day Weekend
Would like a Coordinator and a couple of other sets of hands.  
We have either had grills set up for one/two days (hamburgers/hotdogs pizza). This year I had a food truck one day.

Adult Wine and Cheese
Scott Speier and might like a couple of other set of hands.  (
Last Year:  Saturday, June 11:  2016 Adult Wine and Cheese Party (7:00pm to 10:00pm):  Scott Speier is already on-board to arrange the wines.  It would be great to have a co-leader to handle the following:

  • Beer-tasting:  Because so many people are into beer – we added a beer tasting as well – maybe 4 beers?
  • Apps, etc:  Costco run for appetizers, paper products and soft drinks.
  • Music:  There is a local band formed by neighbors and pool members – the Whippoorwills – that have played (for free) at the party.  It is a great party and still very well liked by members.  If they cannot do it, perhaps the proper playlists would be setup?
  • Tickets were $20/person or $25 at the door. We do have a card reader now so people can use credit cards.

4 – 6 Friday Food Truck Nights
Coordinator:  Lynne Agoston..  She might enjoy an extra person to help so she coordinates half the summer and someone else coordinates half the summer.

Sponsored Happy Hour
We could do this if someone is interested in coordinating this activity.  We had a roofing company come and sponsor a Friday night happy hour. It was a big hit – and free for us so it might be worth looking to see if someone wanted to “sponsor” a happy hour.

Kids’ Luau and/or DJ
Any parent interested in getting this going?  We used to do it

Fourth of July Parade and Party
Is anyone interested in finding and coordinating some teens to run the games/activities? Would anyone like to coordinate the food/concessions? (Last Year:  Saturday, July 4 (10:30 – 4 p.m.)):  We put on the party part. We can have food trucks or grill.  We had lots of different games, coin toss, watermelon relay, dive contest, face painting, ices,  etc. A little different year to year. We have had to be flexible around rain – but have managed to put on some kind of party every year. 

End of the Summer Adult Pool Party
We could do this if someone is interested in coordinating this activity.  (Last Year:  Saturday, August 29:   (7:00pm –): Could be very casual and bring your own.

Labor Day/Doggie Dig/Pool Closing
We could do this if someone is interested in coordinating this activity.(Last Year:  Monday, Sept. 7)   2 years we had grills one day. If we had beer or wine left over – I would serve that. Could line up a food truck for the Doggie Dip. 

Movie Night
Dori Morper..  I am sure she would love some help!

Coordinator:  Dori Morper..  I am sure she would love some help!

Private Parties
Coordinator:  Danielle Bennett..  she might like an extra set of hands

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