Did You Know, 4/15/2019

We are introducing a new news item for our weekly newsletter.  We would like to try to answer some of the more common questions that members might be wondering about.  If you have an issue or question that might be of interest to the membership, please send it to me, Missy Maloney at membership@oldfarmpool.org and you might see it in the newsletter.

The Board of Directors for Old Farm Pool is made up of regular members who have interest in keeping our community pool vital and financially sound.  We do not receive any compensation or discounts for volunteering.  We pay full membership dues, according to our membership category and pay for all membership in teams or social events.   We meet once a month throughout the year.  Each director is a member of a committee or committees, according to their interest.  There is good camaraderie and great opportunities to support an organization that plays a special role in our community.

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