Meet Rob Follit, Board Member, Treasurer, Grounds Committee and in charge of Pickleball

The Follit’s joined the club in 1988 and Rob was asked to join the Board in 1990.  In 1991 Rob took over the Treasurers job and has been happy in that position ever since.  Rob recently retired from Morgan Stanley where he was a long time financial advisor.  Rob and Jane live in North Farm and have two grown daughters, Samantha and Courtney.  They were both swimmers and divers on our swim team and also life guarded at the club.  Four or five years ago, Rob introduced the sport of pickleball to Old Farm and the Rockville area.  Today we have a growing group of pickleballers to compliment our paddle tennis players.  When not playing Pickleball or working around the club, Rob and Jane enjoy traveling and visiting with family and friends.

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