June 24th Newsletter

Hello Old Farm Swim and Paddle Members,

We have included more information below to give you the best possible experience at the pool in the coming weeks.  Safety is our primary concern, but we also want everyone to be able to enjoy the pool this summer as much as possible.

Please check our website for additional information.  We will be making regular updates to the site with information.  The www.oldfarmpool.org site is your primary source for information, please check regularly for updates.

Please confirm the day/time that reservation system be will go live?

The system will open Friday, June 26th @ 12 noon, and members will be able to make reservations for the time period from June 29th through July 3rd.

Reservation system instructions

What day and time will the reservation system be open for the following weeks?

Every Friday @ 12 noon the system will open up for the next seven days of bookings (Saturday through Friday).  This is subject to change based on operations and county guidelines.

Three weekday reservations and one weekend reservation may be made per family.  Reservations can not be transferred or shared between family members.  Each block of time is for at least two hours, with a 30 minute transition window for cleaning in between each session.  Block times and duration are subject to change based on county guidelines and usage demands.

What should I do if I am having problems with the reservation system? 

We are here to help you. Please contact membership@oldfarmpool.org for assistance.

Will the pool hours remain the same?

For now, pool hours will be from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm seven days a week.  The pool will not stay open until 10:00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

How do I enter and exit the pool?

Please check-in at the front desk.When departing you will leave through the side gate to the parking lot.

I forgot an item in my car.  How do I retrieve it?

Please follow the exit and entrance plan each time you leave and return to the pool during your reserved time.  Exit through the gate by the diving boards and return through the pool house.

Will there be time slots allocated for seniors 60+ to use the pool?

At this time our senior members will use the same time sessions as everyone else. The board will assess this further after we open 06/29 and will implement changes as needed to accommodate demand.

Can I book a lap lane or do I just use lap lanes that are available in my time slot?

Currently you will not be able to book a lap lane. Lap lanes are first come, first serve with one person allowed at a time in each lane. The board will assess this further after we open 06/29 and will implement changes as needed to accommodate demand.  Please send concerns or issues you are having with lane use to membership@oldfarmpool.org

If my pool session is over can I stay at the pool if there is not a crowd?

No.  Right now all members need to vacate the fenced pool grounds at the end of their session. This is to ensure that management can properly clean and maintain the pool for the next session of members.

Can I move my table and/ or chair around the pool to be closer to my friends?

During this period all pool furniture needs to remain in the area it is designated when you arrive at the pool, with one exception.  There will be a stack of extra chairs exclusively for family units of more than 4.

Can I reserve a lounge chair?

Lounge chairs will be available in the same location as years past on a first-come, first serve basis.  As with other furniture, please do not move lounge chairs to another area of the pool.

Will there be food trucks and the ice cream truck?

At this moment food trucks and our beloved ice cream truck will not be allowed at the pool… This may change as we assess the process and safety of those utilizing the food trucks and ice cream truck on pool property. If at all possible we encourage members not to exit and re enter the fenced pool grounds during their pool session.

Can I order food delivery to the pool?

Food delivery drivers will not be allowed in the pool house or within the fenced area of the pool grounds.The pool board strongly recommends that all members bring their own food and beverages to the pool and dispose of all their trash and recycling properly. We encourage members not to exit and re enter the fenced pool grounds during their pool session if at all possible.

What about special programs?

We will be moving forward with swim team practices (FINS), masters swimming, triathlete swimming, and water aerobics.  If you are interested in swim team practices (FINS) please reach out to swimteam@oldfarmpool.org. All other programs please reach out to specialprograms@oldfarmpool.org. These programs will be somewhat modified due to the state and county restrictions.  We have also made sure that they do not interfere with the normal operations of the pool nor will they impact the number of members who can go to the pool on a daily basis.

What about July 4th?

There are no events planned for July 4th and there will not be an increase in pool capacity because it is a holiday.

I tested positive for COVID-19, do I contact the pool?

In order to protect the health and safety of the community, we ask members to email president@oldfarmpool.org if any member of your family tests positive for COVID-19 within a week of visiting the pool.  We promise strict confidentiality, but ask for this information so that we may alert the other pool members in attendance at the same time.

Welcome back to the pool!

The Old Farm Swim and Paddle Pool Board

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