Membership 2020 FAQ

2020 Membership – FAQs as of 05/03/2020

Q: Will the pool open this summer?

A: As of now we do not know. We may be permitted to open as scheduled (May 23, 2020), at a later date, or not at all. We will follow the guidelines provided by local, state and federal authorities regarding public gatherings during this pandemic. We expect to receive guidance on this matter in the next several weeks. We are currently preparing to open the pool on May 23, 2020 as originally scheduled.

Q: What are other pools doing regarding membership dues this summer?

A: Board members have been in contact with many other area pools, most of which are charging full membership dues for this season.

Q: What are the pool dues for summer 2020?

A: The Board has voted to charge full season dues, which will remain the same as Early Bird rates for the 2019 season. (Please see the membership rates here .) This is due by May 23, 2020, the scheduled date to open the pool. This may be paid by credit card. The processing fees normally charged to cover the use of a credit card will be waived.

Q: Has the Board applied for any financial relief?

A: Board Members have been working with the pool’s bank and insurance provider to explore any and all avenues for financial relief and continue to do so.

Q: When is the cutoff to qualify for Early Bird membership rates?

A: Unlike most years, the cutoff for Early Bird is the scheduled May 23 opening day. The Board is asking ALL members to pay in full by then. All accounts that do not pay this summer must rejoin the pool as new members in 2021.

Q: Will there be a membership due discount if the pool opens later in the summer?

A: Yes. To the extent possible, the dues will be pro-rated for the number of days that the pool is actually open. The discount will be applied as a credit for membership dues for summer 2021.

Q: What will the dues be if the pool does not open at all?

A: There are ongoing costs to run the pool, whether it is opened or not. These include taxes, licenses, fees, insurance, mortgage payments, and necessary maintenance and repairs. The Board is doing what it can to reduce these costs with vendors and contractors. If the pool cannot open this summer, a credit for 2021 membership dues will be applied to your account, after deducting the final operating costs for summer 2020.

Q: Can I change my membership to “Inactive” for this summer?

A: Unfortunately, “Inactive membership” is not available this year. To pay for maintenance and new projects already in the works, taxes, insurance, our management company, and many other expenses, the Board has decided to require that all members pay full membership dues so that we can continue to care for our pool.

Q: What if I do not pay my dues this summer?

A: If payment is not received, your membership will be voided. If you choose to rejoin the pool next summer, however, you will be required to pay the initiation fee, in addition to the 2021 dues. Note that the 2021 initiation fee could be higher than currently advertised pending a review of finances at the close of the 2020 season.

Q: What sort of social distancing will occur if the pool opens?

A: If we are permitted to open, we may be required to limit the number of people at the pool at a given time. The Board is looking into ways to manage this potential requirement.

Q: If the pool opens, will swim and dive teams proceed as usual?

A: Currently, we do not know. We expect to receive guidance on this matter from the Montgomery County Swim League and Montgomery County Diving League in the next several weeks.

Q: What about social events at the pool?

A: We are uncertain what, if any, limits will be placed on larger social events. If we are permitted to open, we may be required to limit the number of people at the pool at a given time. This obviously will affect the number of people who can attend pool social events. The Board is looking into ways to manage this potential requirement.

If you have a question that is not listed above please contact:

Patrick McCullough Chris Scango
Membership Chair President

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