Q1.  Will I be charged the “convenience fee” even though I am paying by check?

A.  No. We won’t charge you a convenience fee if you check the box that says “I would like to send in a check for my payment.”  Only those who use credit cards will be charged the fee.

Q2.  Why is the club charging a convenience fee for credit card transactions?

A.  This fee has been waived for 2020.  The fee covers the costs associated with processing credit card transactions. This fee is the cost of the transaction, the money does not go to OFP, but the processing firm.  Many people opt to pay by check in order to avoid this “convenience” fee.

Q3.  Where are the early bird prices on the membership selection screen?

A.  For 2020, every member pays 2019 Early Bird prices!  The prices listed are the regular prices. You will note on the right side of the table there is a column for early bird discounts.  If you are within the early bird period, the discount will be applied to the regular fee at checkout.  The early bird prices with the discount applied are listed at oldfarmpool.org/membership.

Q4.  What’s the difference between a new continuing membership and an existing continuing membership?

A.  A new continuing membership is meant for people who have never been members of the club before.  New continuing members must pay the initiation fee along with their dues in their first year.  An existing continuing membership is meant for people who have already paid their one-time initiation fee, meaning they have already been a continuing member of the club in past years.

Q5.  My spouse and I each received an email regarding membership.  Do we each need to sign up separately?

A.  No, you only need to sign up for one membership per family. However, you will need to make sure each member of your family is included within your membership profile.

Q6.  Why does it say Member Suspended at the end of the sign-up process?

A.  If you choose to pay by check, the system automatically puts you in suspended status until we receive your check. Once we receive your check, we will send you a confirmation email stating that payment has been applied to your account and at that time, the nasty “Member Suspended” message will go away.

Q7.  Why does it look like I have two (or more) memberships (and Member #s) at the end of the sign-up process?

A.  If you look closely, the other memberships are for prior years.  Regarding the different Member Numbers, please consider these numbers to be more like a transaction ID number.  They are not aptly named in our new membership system.  (This issue will only affect those who have previously been members.)

Q8.  Can’t I just wait for the paper bill instead of signing up online?

A.  No. The club will not be sending any paper bills this year.  The new membership system is meant to streamline and automate the membership process.

Q9.  My name (or my spouse’s name) shows up in the list of family members, but the birthdate is incorrect/nonsense and there’s no way to correct it.  What do I do?

A.  You can correct it after you have registered for membership by clicking on “My Account > My Profile” and then entering the correct information (including gender).  The incorrect birthdate will not affect your registration as long as the correct name is listed.  This problem is an unfortunate byproduct of our data importation process.

Q10.  I see a “Bond Payment History” button. What’s that all about?

A.  You can ignore this button. This bond payment functionality has nothing to do with the way Old Farm Pool is managing the pool. It is a capability of the software we are using the manage our membership. Just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Q11.  Do I use this system to sign my child up for swim or dive team?

A.  No. Please signup for our Old Farm Pool email newsletter so you can be informed as to when and how to sign-up for both swim and dive teams.

Q12.  Can I see my order history or get a receipt for my membership?

A.  Yes. Please login to your account and click on the Reports link. You will see an Order History item where you can obtain this information.

Q13.  Who do I contact with questions?

A.  Please email membership@oldfarmpool.org and our membership chair will be happy to help!

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