A great way to socialize and stay fit in the winter months!

The paddle tennis season officially starts in October and runs through April. However, members may play any time during the year. During the fall and winter, there will be several tournaments. They will be organized to provide even competition. Depending on the number of entries, play will be divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced. There will be women’s scrambles, women’s doubles, men’s scrambles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles and other such organized play as interest warrants.

Tournament Schedule – 2022-23
October – Member Guest (32)
October – Mixed Invitational (16)
January – Womens Invitational (32)
March – Beast of the Boards (64)

Reserved dates and times for league and group play can be found on our calendar.  For evening and weekend play, court reservations may be made for one hour only on a specific court. Open play is permitted and courts change on the hour. Members who have formed groups to play on a regular basis during the season may reserve courts in advance for the entire season, by arranging for a time with the Paddle Tennis Chairperson (paddletennis@oldfarmpool.org).


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Platform Tennis Links

Sport Associations:

1.  American Platform Tennis Association

Equipment Suppliers:

1.  Paddlepro.com

2.  Viking Athletics

3.  Wilson Sports

4.  Bell Racquet Sports

News and Articles:

1.  Paddlepro.com

2.  Platform Tennis News

Official Rules of Platform Tennis:

1.  APTA Rule Book 2011 June – 18th Edition


Platform Tennis Rules

Use of Courts

  1. All players must be club members.
  2. All players must wear appropriate tennis court footwear.
  3. Court time reserved for groups on the website calendar has priority over walk-on players.
  4. Courts change on the hour for walk-on players.
  5. Single play is not permitted if doubles are waiting to play.
  6. Doubles play is limited to one (1) hour when others are waiting to play.
  7. Lights must be out by 11:00 PM (County Ordinance).
  8. Players with reservations must be on the court within five minutes of reservation time: otherwise, the court is forfeited to waiting players after the five minute period.
  9. Members should be sure that the courts are treated properly by all players. Paddles or other objects must not be used to strike the net, net top or fencing.
  10. Brooms and plastic shovels only are to be used for snow and leaf removal. NO SHARP OBJECTS, please.

Official Rules of Platform Tennis

The Official Rules of Platform Tennis can be found at:

1.  APTA Rule Book