Nine-time national champion Scott Mansager offers tips and strategies for using the drive return.

A tutorial of volley strategies from Bill Fiedler, one of the best in the game.

Overhead strategies from two-time national champions Dave Keevins and Brian Uihlein.

Rod Workman, a 25-year veteran paddle pro, explains the finer points of the drop shot.

Mike Marino gives proven, battle-tested strategies for adding the blitz to your arsenal.

PPTA pros reveal their pre-match warm up and practicing techniques.

Jean Kempner and Mike Rahaley dissect winning point strategies.

Jean Kempner and Nate Parsons examine ways to communicate during match play.

Peter Burka explains the adjustments necessary when playing in warm weather.

Marina Ohlmuller gives tips on winning lob strategies.

Mike Rahaley and Nate Parsons discuss the best serve, return and first volley techniques.

Nate Parsons and Mike Marino give advanced serve and first volley tactics.

Peter Burka and Nate Parsons explore cold weather strategies.