Platform Tennis Players shall have priority of use of the Platform Tennis Courts at all times.

Pickleball court(s) in the lower parking area may be closed at the discretion of the Club to accommodate Club functions and events including, but not limited to, swim meets, dive meets, and Club sponsored social events. Please consult the Club calendar for a complete schedule of Club events. (


Sign In: All players will sign upon arrival and prior to play.

  • Members Guest Fees:
    • First visit = No Charge
    • Additional visits = $10 per visit

Standard Scoring Game: The first side scoring 11 points and leading by at least 2 will be the winner of that game.

Abbreviated Scoring Game: (Due to others waiting to play) The first side scoring 7 points (or some other agreed to number) and leading by at least a 2 point margin will be declared the winner of that game.

Singles play is not permitted if doubles are waiting to play.

Doubles play is limited to 1 game in order to cycle in those who are waiting to play.

Members should be sure that courts and equipment are treated properly by all players.

Court lights must be turned out by 11:00 pm (County Ordinance)