Old Farm Pool offers a great social environment, excellent swim and dive programs, and programming for all ages and abilities.  To complement this, we are bringing the pool up to the standard of our offerings with a multi-phase Capital Improvement initiative.

Phase I (winter/spring 2021/2022 ready for summer 2022):

Baby Pool:  Refurbish and update the baby pool, including an all-new deck, coping, tile, and white coat.  Expand the seating area with a patio for additional seating and shade options.  Add water features including a geyser and belle spray fountains for the little ones.

Phase II (spring 2022 ready for summer 2022)

Fencing:  Replace existing chainlink fencing with a wrought iron rail fence

Turf Patio:  Expand the seating capacity of the pool with a turf patio between the pool and playset/basketball court

Phase III (fall 2022 ready for spring 2023)

Pool Renovation:  Completely overhaul the entire pool and surrounding deck.  This massive project will basically give OFP a brand new sparkling pool and deck.

The baby pool was completely taken apart and is being refurbished with all new everything, including a geyser and belle spray fountains.

Below is the prep work for our new turf patio, which expands our seating capacity and is conveniently located between the pool and playset/basketball court.

And…  This is what it looks like.