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Yoga Anyone?

May 3, 2013   //   by oldfarmpool   //   News  //  No Comments

Connie Jacobson will offer yoga classes on Thursday evenings from 6PM-7PM starting on June 6th and ending on June 27th.  Classes will take place on the new basketball court.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.  All ages welcome, including teenagers.  Four classes for $40, members only. Complete and return the yoga registration form today!

Old Farm Pool Annual Spring Cleaning

Apr 23, 2013   //   by Membership   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments
Memorial Day is only a month away, and there is still a lot that needs to be done to prepare the pool for opening. Old Farm Pool, like all neighborhood pools, is dependent on volunteers for its smooth operation and to provide the best experience for all Members. Please join us this Sunday (4/28) anytime from 10 AM to 3 PM to help with the clean up and preparations. Those that join us will be treated to some free food and drink.

Things to be Done


  • Complete leaf removal from “front yard” area. Drag leaves over to the woods and dump. Need rakes and blue tarp for dragging. Minimum of 2 people per tarp.
  • Prepare plant areas by adding new soil and mulch – lots of wheel-barrowing, shoveling and raking to create a nice home for our new plants
  • Shovel leaves that have gathered in the parking lot.
  • Remove onion plants from the front plant area.
  • Plant five plants.
  • Pot five planters.

Clean out gutter on front of club house using new 10′ step ladder or extension ladder, best done with two people
Complete caulking of joint between pool deck and slate patio.
Picnic Tables: Teams of two must inspect, tighten, and replace loose or broken parts as necessary. Some tables may need scraping or sanding of loose paint in preparation for touch-up or a fresh coat of paint.
Run cable from pump room to baby pool deck and over to the green flag pole by baby pool fence for security camera.
Tot Lot: Clean play area by raking out ruts and filling in low spots.
Volleyball Court:

  • Re-Install posts and attach adjustable track hardware.
  • Stake out court boundaries and install sand containment boards. Prepare transition to Tot-Lot area.

We will have a second Spring Cleaning the following Sunday (5/5). We are hoping to complete all work by this day to avoid any activity on Mother’s Day Weekend or the weekend prior to opening. Please come by to help us, even if for a short while. Thank you.

Dive Team News

Apr 15, 2013   //   by Dive Team   //   Dive Team, General Announcements (pool closings, events), News  //  No Comments

Registration for Dive Team is
Thursday, May 16
7:00 PM -8:30 PM
Farmland Elementary, All Purpose Room

We look forward to seeing you there. Swimsuits will be available for sale there, through Aardvark, and also on a website. Stay tuned for more information on suits….

Parking in Pool Parking Lot

Mar 18, 2013   //   by Membership   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

We try to monitor the pool and parking lot for illicit activity during the off-season, especially at night. Several people have noted a car being parked near the Platform Courts. We looked into it, and it is the car of a current Member. Our unstated policy is to allow Members to use the pool parking lot for parking (e.g., in going to the Metro) during the off-season. Continue being vigilant about activity up at the pool. If you do wish to park in the lot for a period of time, please try to put a note on the dashboard indicating your Member name and #. Thank you.

Dive Team Updates

Mar 18, 2013   //   by Dive Team   //   Dive Team  //  No Comments

DIVE TEAM:   New this year, all meets will begin at 4 pm rather than 5 pm.  The idea is to keep daylight hours and complete meets on the same calendar day– avoiding coming back the next day.  Also, starting earlier may avoid the rain storms that tend to roll in at that time.

We will  have 3 home meets at Old Farm this year!  Volunteers will be needed for setting up and concessions.  Stay posted!  We are seeded 5th (of 5) in Division 2 and hope to keep or move up with some hard work.  This will be a great year.

Dive Team 2013 Schedule

Mar 15, 2013   //   by Dive Team   //   Dive Team, General Announcements (pool closings, events), News  //  No Comments

The dates for the meets are always on the MCDL website, but just to alert you prior to looking (and remind you of how nice summer is!) the dates for the meets are 4 pm and as follows:

  • June 9, Pre-Meet for rookies (1 PM at Ashton)
  • June 16 (@ Flower Valley) 30 (@ Seven Locks)
  • June 30 (@ Seven Locks)
  • July 14 (@ Seven Locks)
  • July 19 (Robin Hood Meet Invitational)
  • July 21 is Divisionals (8 AM, location TBD).
  • July 24 (12-and-under, location TBD) and July 26 (age 13 – 18, @ Manor Woods) are All Stars (3 PM start).

We also have a NEW ASSISTANT COACH!! Please welcome Michelle Mangano from Walter Johnson’s dive team. You are gonna LOVE her! Welcome Michelle!

Swim Suits for 2013

Mar 8, 2013   //   by Dive Team   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

We are seeking someone to run the swimsuit procurement for Swim and Dive teams. This volunteer has a lot of leeway in deciding on the suits, and how to get them to the athletes. The time to begin the suit search is soon.
Please contact Connie Jacobson conniej23 @yahoo.com

Dive Team seeks Assistant Coach

Mar 8, 2013   //   by Dive Team   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

Andrew has agreed to come back this season as Head Coach, as Katie Collins is moving on to higher aspirations. We seek a qualified, patient, assistant coach to work with Andrew this season. Hours are 5-7 pm M-F with 5 meets, Divisionals, and All Stars. Please contact Connie Jacobson: conniej23@yahoo.com

Message from the President – 2013 Dues

Feb 28, 2013   //   by President   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

After several weeks of discussions and meetings, the Board of Directors has approved the operating budget for the 2013 season. The process of determining the budget is the most-challenging obligation that the Board undertakes each year. In determining the specifics, many factors were taken into consideration. This year, we have raised our dues a modest amount to keep up with pool expenses and to properly fund various capital projects and improvements. You can readily see how much the pool facilities have improved over the past two summers, with a new flagstone deck, hundreds of new chairs and lounges, new umbrellas, and a new chair lift into the pool. This season we have added new stairs into the pool in the toddler section (new this season), refurbished the basketball, volleyball, and shuffleboard courts, and made additional improvements to the overall appearance of the facilities. We also funded a major expense for the white coating of the pool this summer. For specific dues amounts, please check the website at https://oldfarmpool.org/about/membership.

We will be sending invoices to members within the next few weeks. As with the past several years, we will be offering a reduced rate for those who take advantage of the Early Bird schedule (pay by April 30). All Members are encouraged to recruit friends and neighbors to join so that we can build our membership base and maintain dues at current levels. If you know a family that recently moved into the neighborhood, or a family that wants to join us at Old Farm as Members, and you convince them to join, we will give you a free Guest Pass Card, a $50 value, good for 10 visits by your guests to the pool. The Guest Pass card does not expire, so if you do not use all the visits this season, it can be used in future seasons. Thanks to the members of the Board of Directors for the hard work they have already dedicated to the 2013 season. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the pool in only three short months!

– Bruce

Update from the President – February 2013

Feb 1, 2013   //   by President   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

Here it is in early February and we are already deep into the planning for the 2013 swim season that is just under four months away. When I last updated everyone on what the Board is doing, it was just prior to our annual General Membership Meeting in November. At that meeting all pool members in good standing voted and renewed the terms for continued service on the Board of Directors for Griff Lindsay, Scott Speier, Ed Rich and myself. Very shortly after the election, Debbie Labonski, who has been a member of the Board for several years, informed us that she would no longer be able to serve on the Board. Reluctantly, I accepted her resignation and in accordance with the pool By-laws, appointed, and the Board approved, Amantha Linkie to serve the balance of Debbie’s term until November 2013, when Amantha will be officially elected to serve on the Board until November 2014.

The Board is currently in the process of developing the budget for the 2013 operating season and we plan on voting on the budget at our February meeting. We will continue many of our popular programs including Master Swim and water aerobics and are looking at several new programs including yoga. We are scheduling several fund raising events to raise funds for a new tot lot and we will provide more information and hope these will be well attended. These events include pre-season basketball and volleyball and a biathlon for kids and adults that will include swimming and running events.

This winter the pool has been prepared for a new white coating that will be finished in May and we have installed the new stairs for improved access into the pool at the shallow end. We will also add a defibrillator to our list of equipment in the guard shack. Additionally, we have enlarged the basketball court area, will be improving the volleyball area and have repaired portions of the chain link fence and will complete the installation of the security cameras around the pool area. Also, we have done significant tree and hedge trimming and will be planting new hedges along the fence line near the diving well in the spring.

Although the activities we schedule are primarily organized and run by our incredibly hard working Board members, we are always looking for volunteers to help with all the events ongoing at the pool. If you would like to volunteer for anything at the pool from gardening to helping run activities, please let us know. You can always email me at president@oldfarmpool.org and I’ll pass your message to the appropriate person on the Board.

Stay warm for the rest of the winter and we look forward to seeing all of you for the 2013 season.