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Swim Suits for 2013

Mar 8, 2013   //   by Dive Team   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

We are seeking someone to run the swimsuit procurement for Swim and Dive teams. This volunteer has a lot of leeway in deciding on the suits, and how to get them to the athletes. The time to begin the suit search is soon.
Please contact Connie Jacobson conniej23 @yahoo.com

Dive Team seeks Assistant Coach

Mar 8, 2013   //   by Dive Team   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

Andrew has agreed to come back this season as Head Coach, as Katie Collins is moving on to higher aspirations. We seek a qualified, patient, assistant coach to work with Andrew this season. Hours are 5-7 pm M-F with 5 meets, Divisionals, and All Stars. Please contact Connie Jacobson: conniej23@yahoo.com

Message from the President – 2013 Dues

Feb 28, 2013   //   by President   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

After several weeks of discussions and meetings, the Board of Directors has approved the operating budget for the 2013 season. The process of determining the budget is the most-challenging obligation that the Board undertakes each year. In determining the specifics, many factors were taken into consideration. This year, we have raised our dues a modest amount to keep up with pool expenses and to properly fund various capital projects and improvements. You can readily see how much the pool facilities have improved over the past two summers, with a new flagstone deck, hundreds of new chairs and lounges, new umbrellas, and a new chair lift into the pool. This season we have added new stairs into the pool in the toddler section (new this season), refurbished the basketball, volleyball, and shuffleboard courts, and made additional improvements to the overall appearance of the facilities. We also funded a major expense for the white coating of the pool this summer. For specific dues amounts, please check the website at https://oldfarmpool.org/about/membership.

We will be sending invoices to members within the next few weeks. As with the past several years, we will be offering a reduced rate for those who take advantage of the Early Bird schedule (pay by April 30). All Members are encouraged to recruit friends and neighbors to join so that we can build our membership base and maintain dues at current levels. If you know a family that recently moved into the neighborhood, or a family that wants to join us at Old Farm as Members, and you convince them to join, we will give you a free Guest Pass Card, a $50 value, good for 10 visits by your guests to the pool. The Guest Pass card does not expire, so if you do not use all the visits this season, it can be used in future seasons. Thanks to the members of the Board of Directors for the hard work they have already dedicated to the 2013 season. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the pool in only three short months!

– Bruce

Update from the President – February 2013

Feb 1, 2013   //   by President   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

Here it is in early February and we are already deep into the planning for the 2013 swim season that is just under four months away. When I last updated everyone on what the Board is doing, it was just prior to our annual General Membership Meeting in November. At that meeting all pool members in good standing voted and renewed the terms for continued service on the Board of Directors for Griff Lindsay, Scott Speier, Ed Rich and myself. Very shortly after the election, Debbie Labonski, who has been a member of the Board for several years, informed us that she would no longer be able to serve on the Board. Reluctantly, I accepted her resignation and in accordance with the pool By-laws, appointed, and the Board approved, Amantha Linkie to serve the balance of Debbie’s term until November 2013, when Amantha will be officially elected to serve on the Board until November 2014.

The Board is currently in the process of developing the budget for the 2013 operating season and we plan on voting on the budget at our February meeting. We will continue many of our popular programs including Master Swim and water aerobics and are looking at several new programs including yoga. We are scheduling several fund raising events to raise funds for a new tot lot and we will provide more information and hope these will be well attended. These events include pre-season basketball and volleyball and a biathlon for kids and adults that will include swimming and running events.

This winter the pool has been prepared for a new white coating that will be finished in May and we have installed the new stairs for improved access into the pool at the shallow end. We will also add a defibrillator to our list of equipment in the guard shack. Additionally, we have enlarged the basketball court area, will be improving the volleyball area and have repaired portions of the chain link fence and will complete the installation of the security cameras around the pool area. Also, we have done significant tree and hedge trimming and will be planting new hedges along the fence line near the diving well in the spring.

Although the activities we schedule are primarily organized and run by our incredibly hard working Board members, we are always looking for volunteers to help with all the events ongoing at the pool. If you would like to volunteer for anything at the pool from gardening to helping run activities, please let us know. You can always email me at president@oldfarmpool.org and I’ll pass your message to the appropriate person on the Board.

Stay warm for the rest of the winter and we look forward to seeing all of you for the 2013 season.

Reminder: Greater Farmland Civic Association (GFCA) Meeting This Wednesday (January 16) at Farmland Elementary School from 7 – 9 PM

Jan 7, 2013   //   by Membership   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events), News  //  No Comments

This is a friendly reminder that the Greater Farmland Civic Association (GFCA) will be meeting this Wednesday (January 16) at Farmland Elementary School from 7 – 9 PM. Representatives from the County and the development community will present their plans for the White Flint Mall and the new Pike and Rose development, formerly known as Mid-Pike Plaza. We promise it will be a lively and informative meeting. We had a great initial meeting for our own neighborhood organization on November 14, 2012, with over 200 in attendance. Let’s keep up the momentum as we build our community voice to deal with new developments projects, monitor PEPCO, advocate for our local needs, and plan events and activities to bring our neighborhood together.


GFCA has set up a number of Committees to serve a wide range of community interests. Please consider joining one or more of the following committees:

Nominating Committee (elections for Board and Officers will be held in March 2013)

Committee Options:

  • Legal Committee
  • Block Captains/Welcome Committee
  • Website & Listserv Committee
  • Senior Village Committee
  • Traffic & Transportation Committee
  • Government Affairs/PEPCO Committee
  • Membership/Directory Committee
  • Local Development Committee
  • Community Beautification Committee
  • Community Services Committee (Trash-Leaf Collection/Street Lights/Sidewalks)
  • Special Events Committee

If you would like to join one of the committees above or have additional ideas for committees, guest speakers, or agenda topics, please email us at info@greaterfarmland.org. GFCA will only be as strong as the involvement of its members, so please participate.

Of particular importance in building our connected community is the GFCA listserv, which everyone is free to join by going to www.GreaterFarmland.org.

Remember –

Your checks for DUES of $25 should be made out to GFCA and mailed to our Treasurer:

Margaret Nolan
11400 Rolling House Road
N. Bethesda, MD 20852

A large part of the dues will be used to publish a community directory. The directory forms are posted on the website and can be submitted electronically at www.GreaterFarmland.org or you can mail the form to Margaret along with your dues.

Thank you.

Ed Rich and Eliot Applestein, Interim Co-Presidents

News from the Greater Farmland Civic Association

Jan 4, 2013   //   by Membership   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events), News  //  No Comments

Below is an important letter from the Greater Farmland Civic Association reporting on its highly-successful initial meeting in November and inviting you to participate actively in this new organization. The GFCA will give us a strong advocate in matters impacting the community (e.g., Pepco reliability and large developments, like Montrose Parkway and Mid-Pike Plaza), help connect us together better through a published directory, and facilitate organizing positive events for our neighborhood (such as the Annual July 4th Parade and Party). Visit this link www.GreaterFarmland.org to learn more, complete the form for your listing in the directory, and become a dues-paying supporter of this important initiative.


We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for the rebirth of our own neighborhood organization at the first meeting of the Greater Farmland Civic Association on November 14, 2012. Special thanks go to the over 200 people who attended the first meeting. Your attendance and active participation during the meeting reflected a strong interest in building a vibrant and connected community.

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Friday Night Lights!

Oct 24, 2012   //   by oldfarmpool   //   Paddle Tennis  //  No Comments

Join Us For Our First Installment of the OF Platform Tennis Instructional Series

  • When?
    Friday, November 2, 2012 at 7:30 pm.
  • Where?
    The platform tennis courts at Old Farm Pool.

We are pleased to announce that our first platform tennis instructional program will be offered to all members of Old Farm Pool on Friday, November 2, 2012 from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.  This program will seek to introduce beginners to this great sport and to expose participants to the basic rules and strategies of Platform Tennis.

  • Clothing: Participants will need to wear tennis shoes or sneakers and comfortable or athletic clothes.
  • Equipment: Paddles and balls will be provided.
  • Beverages: Feel free to bring your own!

Please click here to RSVP.

Notes from the President – End of the 2012 Season

Sep 9, 2012   //   by President   //   News, Notes from the President  //  No Comments

Dear Old Farm Swim and Paddle Tennis Club Members,

Labor Day marked the close of the very successful 2012 swim season at Old Farm Pool. Many people enjoyed the closing day events, including fund raising for the tot-lot (please consider purchasing a brick as part of the fund raising efforts for the tot lot (https://www.bricksrus.com/order/oldfarmbricks), barbeque lunch for all, adult liquid refreshments and our four-legged friends dip in the pool. I want to thank all members who helped store the deck furniture for the winter – we finished quickly and locked the gate by 7:15 pm.

We are now opening our Platform Tennis Season. There has been a great amount of interest in the sport. Please watch for announcements in the near future about upcoming paddle tennis events, including exhibition matches, lessons and league opportunities.

In the upcoming months the Board of Directors will be working on many projects that will help provide our members an improved experience at the pool in 2013. Our major projects include:

  • Installing a new white coat in both pools
  • Installing stairs and handrails in the shallow end of the main pool for easy access and to allow parents to comfortably sit and watch their young children in the pool

Our smaller projects include:

  • Cleaning up/replacing shrubbery
  • Tree work
  • General maintenance of the pool house
  • General maintenance of the pool facility

Many of our projects are performed by volunteers from our membership. Volunteers allow us to avoid using your membership dues to perform routine tasks and help to stretch our budget as far as possible. We are always looking for help from our membership, and your hard work will directly benefit you, your family and your friends. Please consider donating a couple of hours to benefit everyone at the pool.

Members have also asked about joining the Board of Directors in order to participate in our club’s management. We welcome those of you who are willing to dedicate time and experience to the Board. If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail at president@oldfarmpool.org or call me at 301-980-9378. Elections for new Board Members will be held at our General Membership meeting in November.

Lastly, I want to thank all of our current members of the Board of Directors. Each of them has done a magnificent job this season balancing work, family, and pool events to make Old Farm Pool the great place that it is.

Thanks again to everyone for a great 2012.


Old Farm Pool Bake and Let’s Donate Sale This Monday

Sep 1, 2012   //   by oldfarmpool   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events), News  //  No Comments

Come to the pool this Monday, from 12 -4pm and buy a delicious goody from our bake sale.  Also, bring your checkbook to purchase an engraved brick to support the Playground Fundraiser also known as the “Tot Lot.” All proceeds go towards making a beautiful brick patio and of course an awesome playground for our kids!

A special thank you to all those members that have generously contributed to the Tot Lot Fundraiser.

** Donations to the bake sale are greatly appreciated!  Please contact Catherine Williams at carrwilliams@hotmail.com or call 301-881-0580 or just drop it off at the sale:)

Saturday’s Adult Pool Party Canceled, But…

Aug 30, 2012   //   by oldfarmpool   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events), News  //  No Comments

As (bad) luck would have it, we didn’t get enough early RSVP confirmations to cover our costs for the event. Regrettably, we’ve needed to cancel the party as a result. But! The good news is the pool will be open to everyone Saturday night. So bring your family with some great food and drink. Oh, and if you’re of proper age, we will still have the margarita machine there in the event your in need of a south of the border libation.

Lastly, we will be selling cups to raise funds for our new tot-lot, so please come by and support this great cause.

So come relax by the pool, grill one last time poolside and enjoy a margarita on us while you say good-bye to another summer.

Hope to see you at the pool Saturday!