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Final 4th of July Details

Jul 3, 2011   //   by oldfarmpool   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it to the 4th of July festivities tomorrow morning!   A special thank you to all who have signed up to volunteer for the festivities.  Remember you will have a seat saved for you at the pool!


For Today, July 3rd

  • Pool Set Up: 8:30pm

For Tomorrow, July 4th

  • Flag Hanging 6am @ Farmland Elementary School
  • Parade Registration Volunteers @ 9:20am
  • Parade Judges @ 10am
  • Station Volunteers: 10 minutes before your shift begins to “learn the ropes”


  • Parade registration begins @ 9:30am in Old Gate Court
  • Parade begins @ 10am
  • Events at the pool begin at 10:30am

Since we will not be having swim team or parent/child relays this year, the gates will not open to anyone until 10:30am.

Old Farm Swim Team Wins Third Straight, Topping Norbeck Grove 426 – 337!

Jul 3, 2011   //   by oldfarmpool   //   Swim Team  //  No Comments

The 3rd week of competition ended with the Eagles soared over the Barracudas of Norbeck Grove 426-337, setting up the battle of the undefeated next week at Old Farm Pool.

Next Week:

B meet away at Wildwood Manor and A meet home vs. Manor Woods (tied with Old Farm for 1st place) —details in following emails.  Note that we will be using new Gmail email boxes starting this week due to some problems with the Hotmail addresses.  Please use the reply button to those emails or send emails to the new boxes.

A meet:

Old Farm jumped out to another quick lead and kept it throughout the meet.  Once again many personal bests were obtained along with all star and record-breaking swims.   The results from the A meet are up on our web site (A meet results).

B Meet:

The Eagles soared in their 1st away B meet of the year, swimming with the Sharks of Eldwick on Wednesday night.  The results (Results from B Meet) are now posted on our web site.

Records Fall:

Saturday’s A meet saw two Old Farm swimmers break Norbeck Grove pool records.  Jean-Sebastien Gaultier swam 24.16 in the 8 & under Boys 25m breaststroke (almost 1/2 second faster than the Norbeck record) while Coby Zucker swam 35.53 in the 13-14 Boys 50 m breastroke (a bit more than 1/2 second faster than the record).

Old Farm Team records: Jean-Sebastien’s time broke an Old Farm team record, which he actually established the prior week.  The former record holder was Coby Zucker’s 6 yr old record.  Teresa DiGioia has also set new Old Farm team records in 11-12 Girls Backstroke and Butterfly, with 36.19 for 50 m back in wwek one and 35.25 for 50m fly last week.

This week’s Exceptional Performer Awards and the Swimmers of the Week will be announced Monday morning at practice.  All Star times were achieved by:

  • Jordan Ray (Free)
  • Teresa DiGioia (Back, Fly)
  • Jean-Sebastien Gaultier (Breast)
  • Ethan Opdahl (Breast)Danny Dunn (Breast)
  • Coby Zucker (Breast)

4th of July Dunk Tank!

Jun 30, 2011   //   by oldfarmpool   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

The 4th of July is only4 days away and there are still opportunities to volunteer:

  • Dunk Tank
  • Hoola Hoop Contest
  • Bubblegum Blowing Contest
  • Toe PaintingGliders and more…

All of the volunteers really do make the event run smoothly. New this year… all volunteers registered on VolunteerSpot will have a chair reserved for them on the 4th!

If you have trouble accessing VolunteerSpot, please contact Karen, opdahljke@yahoo.com.

Swim Team: Third A Meet Roster and Volunteer List

Jun 30, 2011   //   by oldfarmpool   //   Swim Team  //  No Comments

Here is the volunteer line up and roster for Saturday’s away meet at Norbeck Grove.  The meet starts at 9 AM.  Warm-ups are at 8:15 AM.

Norbeck Grove Pool
18309 Wickham Road
Olney, Maryland


  • East on Route 28 to Georgia Ave
  • North on Georgia Ave toward Olney
  • Left on Emory
  • Right on Cashell
  • Follow Cashell until it ends at Bowie Mill
  • Cross over Bowie Mill into the Norbeck Grove neighborhood
  • The pool is on immediate right.

If you want to caravan, please meet at Old Farm at 7:30 AM.  We will depart shortly after that.Otherwise, be at Norbeck Grove no later than 8:10 AM.

Everyone who has a swimmer in the meet should expect to work at least 1/2 of the meet. It is fun and a great way to get in on the action and have the morning fly by.  If you are on the volunteer list please check in with Jay (the tall guy with the goofy looking hat . . . no not the short guy with the goofy looking hat, that’s Griff) or Jill (red Old Farm baseball cap) no later than 8:20 so that he or she can give you a stopwatch or your assignment.   If you are not listed as a volunteer please let Jay or Jill know you are there in case someone does not show and we need you, as each and every parent is a crucial part of the success and timeliness of each meet!  We will make sure you can see your child swim each event they are in no matter which job you have been assigned.

Thank you in advance for your commitment to making the season fun for your children and for your contribution to helping to staff the meet.


  • Starter:  Johannessen
  • Automation:  Daumit
  • Clerk: Jungreis/Campbell
  • Ribbons: Cooksey
  • Stroke & Turn:
    • First Half: May and Mahoney
    • Second Half: Ohlrich and Charlip
  • Asst. Head Timer:
    • First Half: Garson
    • Second Half: Zucker
  • Timers
    • First Half: Rose; Opdahl; Morper; Mirsky; Johnson; Gaultier;Cruser; Annulis; Wagner
    • Second Half: Wood; Hazlett; Gaultier; Dunn; DiGioia; Gendelman; Marino; Cernoch; Williams
  • Runner: Rudolph
  • Emergency Back Up: Bingley; Stewart; DePreta


If your child cannot swim for any reason please email Gail at gdaumit@jhmi.edu at the latest by Friday morning.

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Old Farm Swim Team: B Meet 3 Tonight at Eldick

Jun 29, 2011   //   by oldfarmpool   //   Swim Team  //  No Comments

We look forward to seeing you tonight at the B meet at Eldwick.

Spirit = Nerds

Eldwick Pool is at 11130 Broad Green Drive, Potomac, MD

Directions from Old Farm:

  • Montrose Road west to Falls Road (left turn)
  • Proceed approximately 2.4 miles on Falls Road.
  • Right on Eldwick Way
  • Follow Eldwick Way to end and turn left onto Broad Green Drive. Immediately turn right into Eldwick Pool

Please arrive at 5:15pm; warm-ups will be shortly after that.  The meet starts at 6pm.

Swimmers please check in with the coaches when you arrive; parents please check in with Kathi. If swimmers are leaving before the meet is over, please have them check in with their coaches to let them know they are leaving.

Any questions, please call Gail or Kathi  or email to oldfarm_B_meets@hotmail.com

See you tonight – Go Old Farm!

4th of July Flag Sponsorship

Jun 28, 2011   //   by oldfarmpool   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

Every 4th of July, Old Farm Pool lines the streets of Old Farm with American Flags.  It looks great, and it follows the Parade Route from Farmland Elementary to the Pool.  Your family can Sponsor a Flag for $20.  This reflects your community support, patriotism, and your kids get to see their name in “lights.” In addition, your name will be posted on one of the flag poles.

Space is limited.  Please sign up soon.  Contact Kristen Mirsky –or– leave $20 check (made out to Old Farm Pool). Cash is fine if they put it in a seperately sealed envelope clearly marked with their name & phone number.  Please put how you would like your name plate to read: ie:The Jacobson Family/  Congratulations Class of 2011/ Sam and Jackie Jacobson/Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson/ etc.  and your STREET NAME.

4th of July Volunteers Needed

Jun 28, 2011   //   by oldfarmpool   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events)  //  No Comments

The 4th of July is only 6 days away!

Thank you to all of the Volunteers who have already signed up.  We could not do this without you!  There are still many slots available which can be accessed through VolunteerSpot.  We need at least one volunteer for each of the following events:

  • 10:30-11:15
    • Gliders
    • Hand Painting
    • Baby Pool Games
    • Toe Painting
  • 10:30-11:00
    • Wheelbarrow Race
  • 11:00-11:45
    • Hoola Hoop Contest
  • 11:15-12:00
    • Gliders
  • 11:45-12:30
    • Bubble Gum Blowing

New this year……all volunteers registered on VolunteerSpot will have a lounge chair reserved for them on the 4th!

If you have trouble accessing VolunteerSpot, please contact Karen: opdahljke@yahoo.com.  All of the volunteers really do make the event run smoothly.

Message from the President: Pool Security

Jun 27, 2011   //   by oldfarmpool   //   General Announcements (pool closings, events), News  //  No Comments

In the past few weeks I know that we have been bombarding you with lots of messages about pool activities.  Hopefully you find these informative and relevant.  This message is being sent as a reminder, not just as an update on pool matters, but something that affects the entire neighborhood.

Vandalism at TildenWood Pool
For those of you who may not have heard, our neighbors at TildenWood pool had vandals break in early last week and did some significant damage to their property and equipment including throwing furniture in the pool, breaking doors into their building, throwing a laptop, cash box and other office equipment into the pool and scrawling graffiti on the walls.  Additionally, cars in the neighborhood with TildenWood stickers were targeted for damage with windows smashed and other costly damage.  The TildenWood Board of Directors is working with the police and hopefully they will find those responsible.

Vandalism at Old Farm Pool
Pool security is something we take very seriously at Old Farm.  We have the appropriate signage, barbed wire along the fenceline and lighting in the evenings and we have invited the Montgomery County Police to frequently drive up to the pool in the evenings.  Having said that, we are not without incidents.  This past weekend a members car was broken into while parked along Swim Club Way during the recent home swim meet.  As a reminder, when you drive to the pool, please make sure your car is locked while in the parking lot or along the access road, and make sure nothing of value is left in your car.  Thank you for your continued support of the pool and please remember to secure your valuables.

Sincerely, Bruce
Bruce Kay, President
Old Farm Swim & Paddle Tennis Club

Old Farm Swim Team Tops Quail Valley for Second Win in a Row!

Jun 26, 2011   //   by oldfarmpool   //   Swim Team  //  No Comments

The Eagles finished off the 2nd week of competition by beating the previously undefeated Quail Valley 452-334

Next Week:  B meet away at Eldwick and A meet away at Norbeck Grove—details in following emails.

A meet: Old Farm moved out to an early lead and keep poruing it on as the Eagles soared to a 452-334 victory over the Quail Valley Marlins.  The Eagles continued to show improvement, dropping time all accross the board.  All star performances were duplicated from week one.  The results from the A meet are up on our web site (A meet results).

B Meet:  The Nessies of Inverness Forest visited OFP on Wednesday night and we had a chance to see a lot of improved times and some exciting races.   The results (Results from B Meet) are now posted on our web site.

Shout Out:  A big shout out and thanks to Mindy Johannessen for stepping in and acting as a B meet manager organizing the volunteers —- we got the meet in by 8:30pm!  Everybody’s help is greatly appreciated by the reps and the kids.

Hurrah to this week’s Exceptional Performer Awards (symbolized by the Old Farm water bottle) and Swimmer of the Week Awards (symbolized by the special swim cap):

This week’s Exceptional Performer Awards and the Swimmers of the Week will be announced Monday morning at practice.

All Star times were achieved by:

  • Jordan Ray (Free)
  • Teresa DiGioia (Back, Fly)
  • Jean-Sebastien Gaultier (Breast)
  • Ethan Opdahl (Breast)
  • Danny Dunn (Breast)
  • Coby Zucker (Breast)