Step-by-Step Membership Management Instructions

Step 1:

Returning members should login here with the same credentials.  If you are new to the pool, please go here and register.


Step 2:

After logging in, please complete the profile information, including birthdate and gender.  (Please disregard the “Email reminders” section.)


Step 3:

Under “My Interests,” check boxes for your areas of interest.  We will use this information to update our e-mail lists.


Step 4:

Add name, birthdate, and gender for all family members that will be included under the membership.  After completing the form for each family member, click “Add Family Member.”  After entering all family members, click the “Finished” button.

If your name (or your spouse’s name) shows up in the list of family members, but the birthday is incorrect/nonsense, you can correct it after you have registered for membership by clicking on “My Account > My Profile” and then entering the correct information (including gender).  The incorrect birthdate information will not affect your registration as long as the correct name is listed.


Step 5:

Agree to the Registration Waiver by checking the box, and hit “Continue.”


Step 6:

You will now be placed in your own membership home page.  From the home page, click “Memberships.”


Step 7:

From the Memberships page, select the appropriate membership by clicking “Sign up” on the appropriate line.  Note that the memberships are grouped as Existing Continuing Membership first, Temporary Membership second, and New Continuing Membership (with Initiation Fee) third.  Note that the listed “Annual Price” is the regular dues amount.  If you are within the early bird period, the 6% Early Bird Discount listed in the “Early Bird” column will be applied at checkout.


Step 8:

After reaching the “Swim Membership Enrollment” page, please ensure that all the appropriate individuals are listed on the membership.  (If a family member’s name is not listed, you should go to “My Account > Add Family Member” and add the name to your profile before proceeding.)

From the “Swim Membership Enrollment” page, you may also add up to 2 child-care providers and their names. NEW and IMPORTANT:  From this page, you have an opportunity to buy guest passes in advance for the upcoming membership season at a reduced rate.  This is very important, because the new membership system allows for strict enforcement of guest policies.  The reduced and regular rates are as follows:

  Discounted Upfront Price Per Pass In-Season Price Per Pass
Individual Guest Pass $5 $7
Family Guest Pass (New!) $15 $20



Step 9:

You can then click “Calculate Totals” to see your total checkout amount.  Note that the credit card convenience fee will be removed on the next screen if you opt to pay by check.  When finished, click “Continue to Payment.”


On the “Membership Payment – Step 2” page, you can either enter credit card payment information or check “I would like to send in a check for my payment.”  When the form is completed, press “Purchase Now.”

If you chose check payment, you must send the check by the deadline to be eligible for the membership level you have selected.  Our address is:

Old Farm Pool & Paddle Tennis Club
P.O. Box 2054
Rockville, MD 20847-2054

Please note:  Your membership will say Member Suspended until we receive your check.

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