Opening Weekend – HOT Weather, COOL POOL

That was a crazy hot holiday weekend we just had!  The pool definitely set a record for Memorial Day usage (believe us, the pool is not usually like that – this may have been the busiest day ever).  We hope you enjoyed the additions made to the facility.  We are thrilled that people loved the new fountains with our refurbished baby pool.  Rest assured, more improvements are on the way!

We were bit by the supply chain bug and our new furniture was delayed for over two months and we found out a week before the pool opening – argh.  We are working on alternative vendors to upgrade and offer more seating choices for members.  Speaking of seating choices, the Adirondack chairs proved to be a popular option on our new turf patio – apparently, there is a fine line between napping and reading comfortably.

All of the information below is on our website, so make sure you check it regularly for updates:

OK, now on to some “Cool” Administrative Stuff:

  • Want to reserve a space at the pool for a party?  Visit our Party Reservations page
  • Realize you bring a lot of stuff to the pool when you visit?  Leave it there, rent a locker  for $50 for the whole season
  • Pool hours while school is in session:
    • Weekday:  3:00 PM to 8:00 PM (Friday 10:00 PM)
    • Weekend:  11:00 AM – 10:00 PM (Saturday) and 9:00 PM (Sunday)
  • Lap swimming – we typically have three lap lanes open on weekdays and two on weekends
    • During swim practice on weekdays from 4:00 – 6:00, there will be one lap lane available
  • Please make sure you check-in at the front desk
  • All guests need to be checked in, with names provided to the desk attendant

Now, the Fun Stuff:

  • Food Trucks:
    • Friday – Silver and Sons BBQ 4:30 – 7:30
    • Saturday – Dalia’s Falafel 4:30 – 7:00
  • Social
    • New Member Meet & Greet weekend of June 10th TBD (weather dependent)
    • School’s Out Party Friday, June 17th 
    • Are you interested in sponsoring a social event or activity at the pool?  Let us know:
  • A HUGE thank you to Deirdre and Chris Lofft who sponsored the event on Memorial Day – how many hot dogs can a community pool eat in less than two hours?  Trust us, we know the answer to that question (hint, it rhymes with “pour pundred”)
    • And a special shout out to board members Ron Goldstein and Mark Friedman for operating the grill on such a hot day
  • Swim Team Time Trials June 11th
  • Dive team
    • Registration for the season is open here
    • Practices are daily during weekdays, 5:30-7:30 (no worries if you are participating in swim practices, there is time for both)
    •  New divers are welcome to come to practice time and try, with no obligation, and join if they like it! No prior experience is required.  

And, the Serious Stuff:

  • Members under the age of 14 should take the swim test
  • Diving board usage – one bounce only, no horseplay on or around the diving board
  • Please, no beverages in the pool

Have a suggestion or comment?  Please email

Know someone who may want to join the pool?  Send them our way: