Paddle Tennis – Mixed Invitational Tournament Results

Old Farm Swim and Paddle Tennis Club hosted a mixed invitation Paddle Tennis tournament on November 20, 2021.  The tournament consisted of 16 national high-level teams.  The weather played out perfectly for a late November tournament.  A special thank you to the tournament sponsor, Congressional Commercial.

The lead-up to the finals played out to chalk, with the #1 and #2 seeded teams of Trevor Spractlin (River Bend) and partner Del Owens (Congressional) going against Chris Chiu (Old Farm) and Erin Ortiz (Chevy Chase).  The final was a fierce non-stop battle for the crown. In the end, the # 2 seed of Chiu/Ortiz team prevailed over the #1 seed team, 7-5, 6-4.
Pictured below are 3rd place winners Julie Maner and Guga Goncalves of Chevy Chase who won beating Taylor Newman and Neville Brodie of Chevy Chase and Woodmont respectively.