The Old Farm Eagles Swim and Dive Teams have a history rich in great swimming and diving since 1963. Being a member of the swim and/or dive teams is a great way to make new friends, rekindle summer friendships, try a new sport, stay cool and keep physically fit.  Both teams have social activities including pep rallies, Halloween in July, movie and bowling afternoons, family pot-lucks and an end of season banquet with food, awards and a slide show. The swim and dive seasons commence the day after Memorial Day and continue until late July.

The Old Farm Swim Team belongs to the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL), which governs 89 teams throughout Montgomery County. We welcome children up to age eighteen. You can view the official MCSL Handbook here.

The Old Farm Dive Team belongs to the Montgomery County Diving League (MCDL), which comprises 27 teams throughout Montgomery County.  We welcome children up to age eighteen.  You can view the official MCDL Handbook here.