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OFP Doesn’t Hibernate

We are looking good now, and improving for the future

Not only does Old Farm Pool (OFP) have the year-round Paddle Tennis and Pickleball (with lights for late-night play), but we are busy year-round looking for ways to improve the Old Farm Pool Experience (the OFPE).

Old Farm Pool has been a part of the community for almost 60 years, and you can imagine some things were getting a little, well, old.  We have a three-phase Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to make the pool look great for the next 60 years.  Phases I & II of our CIP are complete, and Phase III will be finished this spring (2023).

For Phase I, we did a complete overhaul of the baby pool over the winter and spring of 2022, including umbrellas and more deck space to spread out.  For your little ones, we added a four-foot belle fountain in the pool and four spray geysers along the side of the pool.  We also added a turf patio area where the little ones can play on something much softer than concrete.  The baby pool (or, is it the “baby cool”?) was the hottest/coolest place to be in its first summer of use – sorry teens, little ones only.  The improvement to the baby pool exceeded our wildest expectations, and I think the kids and parents would agree.  We have a combination of a wading pool and splash pad, the best of both worlds.  It was a great summer for our little ones.

Phase II of our CIP was completed in the spring of 2022 as well, and included several initiatives, including new fencing, landscaping, and more seating around the pool.  The seating initiative involved opening up an area around the pool that previously was underutilized and had some, how do we put this gently, not-so-attractive bushes occupying prime real estate.  We put in place a super fun turf patio between the play set and pool, including more tables and chairs as well as relaxing Adirondack chairs.  This also exceeded expectations and became a fantastic place to hang out – we never expected so many people to just set up on the turf, not even using chairs.  We also increased the number of tables and chairs around the remainder of the pool area, creating different seating arrangements and options.

Phase III is a complete refurbishment of the actual pool and deck, which is taking place right now and will be done in time for us to have five weeks of our spring programming with FINS Swimming.  When completed, we will have, in essence, a brand new pool and deck.  Look, we can admit it, our deck was, um, unsightly in many (most) places, but come the spring, we will be sparkling in the sunshine.

And, while we have been working tirelessly on improving the physical aspects of OFP, those only come in at a distant second to the community, activities, and friendships that take place at OFP.   But hey, nothing wrong with having both an awesome community and a great facility.

The latest news

Old Farm Team Store!!

The NEW and awesome Old Farm Team Store is now available!  Sweatshirts, Tees, Pants, Hats, and much more all available.  Don’t get FOMO by not getting YOUR OF merchandise today! GOOF!! Old Farm Eagle Outlet

Amazing News!!

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Water Aerobics & Wednesday Mornings

One announcement and one riddle in this quickie newsletter – no excuse not to read this. On Wednesday mornings the Water Aerobics group goes until 11:15 AM, so while the pool still opens at 11:00 AM, there will be awesome energetic music and lots of people exercising.  The shallow area by the steps and the diving well […]