Old Farm Swim and Paddle Club

We are a year-round facility offering loads of family and individual activities.  We offer a variety of memberships types to custom fit your needs.  Our swim memberships give you the summer swim season and year-round access to the paddle tennis and pickleball courts, plus you receive a discount on any of our Spring and Fall programming (youth swim training, lessons, masters, lap swimming).

We are in the process of undertaking a full refurbishment of our facilities, starting with the baby pool and two new turf social areas ready for this summer, and concluding with an overhaul of the entire pool and deck in the fall.  The baby pool will feature a geyser and belle sprayers to keep the little ones (and big ones) entertained.  In addition, we are installing a turf patio in the baby pool area – who needs concrete everywhere?  Now your little ones can play on turf instead of concrete.

Thanks to our heated pool we are also able to offer spring and fall pool programming through our swim partner FINS.  More lap swimming, youth training, swim lessons, masters swimming, tri-training, and water aerobics are available, so you can keep active outdoors for more time.  We keep the water at least 80 degrees in the spring and fall to ensure a comfortable time in the pool.

Membership FAQ

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Swimming Pool Paddle Tennis
Summer pool season Year-Round
Swim & Dive Teams League Play
Lessons Tournaments
Social Events Lighted courts
Fall & Spring programming is available at a discount with our swim partner – FINS Pickleball
Activities Year-Round
Masters Swimming League Play
Triathlete Training:  Adults & Kids Tournaments
Water Aerobics Lighted courts
Social Events
Volleyball Court
Continuing Memberships Temporary Memberships
One time Initiation Fee ($600) No Initiation Fee
Voting Rights No Voting Rights
Designed for those who will be with us a long time Designed for those who may be  in the neighborhood 1-3 years
– Family – Family
– Head of Household – Head of Household
– Couple – Couple
– Individual – Individual
Sustaining Memberships
Sustaining Membership is available to those family units who have held a charter, regular
or associate membership for a minimum of fifteen (15) years, and who certify that they
have no children living at home who are eighteen (18) years of age or under.

These memberships give access to the Paddle Tennis and Pickleball courts as well.

2022 Season Membership Rates

Continuing Membership Type Early       Bird * Regular Price
Family $836 $889
Head of Household $707 $752
Couple $587 $624
Single $388 $413
Sustaining $361 $384
Initiation Fee $600 $600
Initiation Senior Couple $450 $450
Initiation Senior Individual $300 $300
Temporary Membership Type
Temporary Family $996 $1,060
Temporary Head of Household $857 $912
Temporary Couple $733 $780
Temporary Single $522 $556
Child Care Provider $75 $75
*  Early Bird – Pay by April 30, 2022

Continuing, Sustaining, and Temporary memberships give access to the Paddle Tennis and Pickleball courts.

Paddle Tennis

Allows use of Paddle Tennis courts and Pickleball courts (no swimming pool)

Family – $425

Individual – $295


Allows use of Picklball courts only (no swimming pool)

Family – $425

Individual – $160