OFP offers different membership types to provide pricing flexibility to the many different types of families.  All pool memberships (Continuing, Temporary, and Sustaining) have year-round access to the facilities (pool, paddle tennis, and pickleball).  All pool members who have children are eligible for the swim and dive teams.  All pool members receive the OFP Discount for our spring and fall programming with FINS (lessons, youth training, masters, lap swimming).

Continuing membership has a one-time initiation fee then the members pay lower annual dues than Temporary.  If you plan on staying in the neighborhood four or more years then this type of membership becomes cheaper over the long run.  The initiation fee is non-refundable.  Continuing members have year-round privileges to the pool facilities and have voting rights.

Temporary membership pays a higher annual dues membership than a Continuing member.  It is designed for those who will be members for three or fewer years.  Temporary members have year-round access to the facilities but do not have voting rights.

Sustaining membership is a benefit for our long-time members.  If you have been a Continuing member for 15 years and no longer have any dependents using the pool, you qualify for this incredibly low membership fee.

When you join OFP as a member, you enjoy our summer pool season which runs from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day.  Our Paddle Tennis and Pickleball are year-round.  Our spring and fall seasons are typically eight weeks before summer opening day and eight weeks after Labor Day (note:  spring and fall seasons are not part of the annual dues fees, they are run by FINS Swimming and OFP members receive a discount on the services).

Our summer operating hours are 11:00 AM until either 9:00 PM or 10:00 PM (Friday and Saturdays).  We have programs that start as early as 5:30 AM (masters and tri-training) and many before 11:00 AM (water aerobics, swim team, lessons, etc.).

Starting in 2023, your membership starts immediately upon payment (allowing you access to pickleball and paddle tennis) and runs through May 24, 2024 (Friday before next year’s Memorial Day weekend).  The summer pool session is from Memorial Day weekend through Labor day.  Our spring and fall programming (run by FINS Swimming at a discounted cost to Old Farm Pool members) typically runs for two months before Memorial Day weekend and two months after Labor Day; you will need to sign up and pay separately with FINS Swimming for these programs, applying the special membership discount.

OFP offers an excellent opportunity for learning to swim (youth and adults) through our partnership with FINS Swimming – a professional, year-round swim program.

Group lessons are done through our swim team program, with the Pre-Team and Little Eagles groups.  There are options for morning or afternoon sessions.

Private lessons can be arranged through FINS Swimming (www.finsswimming.com).

FINS is a unique program in that the coaches and instructors go through the FINS development cycle, which means they have several summers’ worth of swimming instruction before they even give private lessons.  Most instructors start out as junior coaches, assisting the older coaches, then advance to leading group lessons and private lessons.

  • times and sessions are subject to change based on demand.

Family or Head of Household (Continuing or Temporary) membership allows your children to join the swim and dive teams. There must be an adult on the membership –  a minor can not be the sole member registered in the membership system.  There is an additional fee for joining the swim or dive team, which covers the cost of coaches, league fees, and some team activities.

There is a fee for joining the swim team which covers a variety of costs of operating the team.  You cannot join a team without being a pool member (Family or Head of Household membership), but there is an additional fee to then join either team (or both).

Our swim team program is designed for all levels of swimmers, and every child can join regardless of ability.  We have a competitive “A” program that participates in the MCSL and we also offer a “B” meet program to swimmers who don’t qualify for the “A” meets.  All swimmers practice together and have the same social events, and many of the swimmers compete in both the “A” and “B” meets.

We have a Pre-Team and Little Eagles program that includes the youngest members of the pool (8 and under who aren’t quite ready to swim a full length yet).  Young swimmers take an evaluation test at the beginning of the summer and are assigned to either the Pre-Team, Little Eagles (one has lessons in the shallow end and the other in the deep end), or the Team itself.  The groups are fluid; a swimmer can move from pre-team to team during the season.

More info regarding the swim team can be found by clicking here.

Our swim team is coached by our swim partner, FINS Swimming.  FINS Swimming is a professional swim school that has been in Montgomery County for over a decade.

OFP implemented a waitlist for the 2024 season.  There is no cost to submit an application.  Priority memberships will be given to those who live within the established neighborhood boundary for OFP:  Old Farm, Walnut Woods, Old Hickory Woods, and North Farm communities.  When the priority applications have been exhausted, membership offers will be made based on the order of the submitted applications.

In order to keep the pool at a comfortable usage level, OFP set a membership cap, which in turn made us institute a waitlist for new member applications.  When existing members leave we will open up spots to those on the waitlist based on the order of joining the waitlist and the boundary guidelines for membership.  Those within the boundary will be given priority.

Once you are on the waitlist, you will stay on it until you are offered a membership or remove yourself.  There is no need to re-join the waitlist each year.

As OFP implemented a wait list for 2024, priority for applicants will go to those who live within the boundary neighborhoods of:  Old Farm, Walnut Woods, Old Hickory Woods, and North Farm communities.  Those on the waitlist outside the boundary will be offered membership when the priority applicants have been exhausted.  Once you are a member, however, you can remain a member on an ongoing basis, even with boundary restrictions.

OFP offers water aerobics, lap swimming, paddle tennis, pickleball, basketball, volleyball, cornhole, swim lessons, swim team, dive team, tri-athlete training, masters, youth tri events, and plenty of social events.

The fall and spring activities are not part of the annual dues, but OFP members receive a discount.

OFP is proud to partner with FINS Swimming for our spring and fall programming.  What does this mean?  It means OFP rents the pool to FINS in the fall and spring months, and in return, FINS offers a wide range of swim activities (lessons, training, lap swimming, masters) to our members and the local community.  OFP members receive a 15% discount on this programming.  This programming is not included as part of the annual membership fees.  Signing up for the spring/fall programs is done through the FINS website (not OFP, although we provide a link).  A special discount code is available to OFP members, who have confirmed memberships, which will take 15% off the pricing.

During the summer months, we always have lap lanes available.  Typically, we have three lap lanes open on weekdays (except during afternoon swim practice for two hours, when one lane is available), and two lap lanes on the weekend.

In addition to lap lanes being available during all the pool open hours, every hour for 15 minutes (from a quarter of to the top of the hour) there is an adult swim (except during swim practice 4-6 on weekdays).

In the spring and fall our swim partner FINS has a lap swimming program that offers 3-4 hours of lap swimming each weekday and some hours on the weekend.   OFP members receive a discount on this fee.

OFP reserves the right to request lap swimmers share a lane when necessary.  In addition, if the recreational area of the pool becomes crowded the number of lap lanes may be reduced.

Not everyone wants to join a pool, but OFP also offers year-round pickleball and paddle tennis with our lighted courts.  Our courts are available from 5:30 AM until 11:00 PM.  We offer leagues, tournaments, lessons, and social events all under our lighted courts.  The only catch is you are not eligible for using the pool or the discount with FINS programs.

Paddle Tennis is also known as Platform Tennis.  In very rough terms, it is like a combination of tennis and racquetball on a mini-tennis court surrounded by wire mesh (the walls).  It is predominantly played as doubles and is a year-round sport, but mostly played in the fall and winter months.  OFP has two lighted paddle tennis courts and offers league and tournament play, as well as lessons and social events.  More info

In general, we do not provide membership refunds; however, we recognize unique situations sometimes arise, and partial refunds after Memorial Day may be given solely at the discretion of the Board of Directors. For those new to the area, or here short term, we offer a Temporary membership that allows you to join for the summer season without becoming a Continuing member and paying the initiation fee.

Every hour for 15 minutes (from a quarter of to the top of the hour) there is an adult swim (except during swim practice 4-6 on weekdays).  This is a great time for the kids to have a rest and a snack, and for adults to hang out in the water.

The pool offers a large array of amenities:

      • Baby/Wading pool with fountains (completely refurbished for 2022 season)
      • Paddle Tennis courts (lighted)
      • Pickleball courts (lighted)
      • Basketball court (lighted)
      • Sand Volleyball court (lighted)
      • Two one-meter diving boards
      • Shallow recreation area with steps for entry
      • Gazebo
      • Gas Grills
      • Turf Patio
      • Dining and Picnic Tables
      • Cornhole
      • Firepits
      • Bathhouse
      • Lap lanes
      • Umbrellas
      • Lounge chairs
      • Lockers (rental)

OFP offers up a variety of social events for all ages.  Big events that include things like food, drinks, and DJ (School’s Out, Back to School, Oktoberfest) usually have a nominal fee to cover the cost of the food and drinks.  Other events like July 4th, Sunday Sundaes, and grill days are part of the membership.  We have multiple gas grills available for your cooking needs.  Creating your own happy hour is always free!

OFP also lines up an array of food trucks for the weekends, so you can come to the pool, swim, and have dinner – make an entire afternoon/evening of it.  The schedule for food trucks can be found on our events calendar when finalized.

OFP is very proud to be partnered with FINS Swimming for our swim team coaching, lessons, and spring and fall programming.  FINS Swimming is a professionally run, officially registered USSSA swim school, that has been serving Montgomery County since 2009.  FINS utilizes Old Farm Pool and Georgetown Prep for its various youth swim programs.

The FINS coaches work their way through several years of training and apprenticeship in order to be able to teach private lessons.  FINS has a large pool of experienced instructors – you will not be signing up with someone who is new to giving lessons.

Since partnering with FINS, the OFP swim team has steadily climbed the MCSL rankings, currently residing in C division.  FINS provides group and private lessons for OFP members throughout the summer, including running the Pre-Team and Little Eagles development programs.