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Continuing Club Membership

A Continuing Club Membership is available to families residing within North Farm, Old Farm, Old Hickory Woods, Walnut Woods, Luxmanor, Windermere and any other nearby communities. Continuing Members have full use and privileges of the Club facilities and have full voting rights. Continuing Members pay a one-time, non-refundable initiation fee of $600, which is $150 below that of some competing pools! After paying an initiation fee, Continuing Members will retain their “continuing” status as long as they maintain their membership by paying annual dues.  Continuing club membership dues are as follows:

 Continuing Membership Type   Early Bird 6% Discount*
(due by May 23)
 Regular (N/A for 2020)
Family $780 $N/A
Head of Household $660 $N/A
Couple $548 $N/A
Single $363 $N/A
Sustaining $337 $N/A

New Members

Summer Associate/Child Care Add-On

Add $600 Initiation Fee

Add $75

* Register during the Early Bird season and receive 8 free individual guest passes!

New continuing members can pay at the Early Bird rate in their first season regardless of when they join. Click here to register for an Old Farm Pool Continuing Member Membership.


Temporary Club Membership

A Temporary Club Membership is available. Temporary Members have full use and privileges of the Club during the term of their membership but do not have voting rights. Temporary Members also pay a higher seasonal fee. Temporary membership fees are as follows:

 Temporary Membership Type   Early Bird 6% Discount*
(due by May 23)
 Regular (N/A for 2020)
Temporary Family $929 $N/A
Temporary Head of Household $800 $N/A
Temporary Couple $685 $N/A
Temporary Single $488 $N/A
 Summer Associate/Child Care Add-On Add $75 Add $75

* Register during the Early Bird season and receive 8 free individual guest passes!

Click here to register for a Temporary Old Farm Pool Membership.


Paddle Only Membership

A Paddle-Only Membership is available to those who only wish to use the paddle tennis courts. Please contact Scott Speier (301-984-5757) for details.

Membership Type Definitions


All members of the immediate family including adults and children that are residing in the same household. For the purposes of clarification, the definition of “immediate family” includes a nuclear family of parents and their children (or those for whom they act as guardian) and can include grandparents if they live under the same roof. The immediate family definition does not include extended family, such as aunts, uncles, or cousins who may reside under the same roof.

Head of Household

Single parent who is head of household plus any children.


Two adults who reside within the same household. Couple is defined as a household with two adults under the same roof and with no children (e.g., “empty nesters”) or with children over 18 who will not use the pool (e.g., “nesters with no chickies”). This definition applies to such a household even if only one member of that household makes use of the pool.


A household having only one single adult (over the age of 18) and no children or with children over 18 who will not use the pool.


Available to Continuing Members who have held their membership for a minimum of 15 years, and who have no children living at home who are eighteen (18) years of age or under. Note: Adult children living at home are NOT members under this membership type.

Summer Associate or Child Care Membership

Available as an add-on to a Family or Head of Household membership. Summer Associate refers to an individual, child or adult, who is not a member of the immediate family and is residing with the Member family.  Child Care Membership refers to a babysitter, nanny, au pair or similar whose primary role is to care for the child members of the family.



Dues Payment and Submission of Membership Information

We no longer send paper bills.  To register, please use the following steps:

1.  For Returning Members:  Using the login credentials you set up last year, please follow the step-by-step guide located here to register here.  You will also find our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) located here.  If you have forgotten or misplaced your login credentials, please use the “Forget your password?” link here.

2.  For New Members:  Please go here and register, you can follow the step-by-step guide located here.  You will also find our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) located here.

Members may pay by credit card or check in our new membership system.  For 2020, those paying by credit card will NOT be charged the usual 3.25% convenience fee to cover the cost of credit card processing.  Those paying by check should send their check to the following address:

Old Farm Pool & Paddle Tennis Club
P.O. Box 2054
Rockville, MD 20847-2054

If you pay by check, please note that your account will say “Member Suspended” until we receive your check.  The system will automatically notify you via e-mail when we have applied your check payment to your account. Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee.

 Dues Payment Deadlines   
May 23 End of Early Bird Pricing
N/A for 2020 Regular Dues Deadline




As an incentive to grow our membership, we provide 10 free individual guest passes, valid for the current membership year, to anyone who refers a member who joins the club.


Guest Policy

We offer individual guest passes and family guest passes (for 2 or more related persons).  Out of town guests and local daytime guests (excluding North Farm, Old Farm, Old Hickory Woods and Walnut Woods residents) may swim by use of guest pass if accompanied by a Member.

  Discounted Upfront Price Per Pass In-Season Price Per Pass
Individual Guest Pass $5 $7
Family Guest Pass $15 $20

Guest passes may be purchased at a discount at the time of membership renewal using our membership management system.  During the season, guest passes may be purchased from the desk attendant with a Member’s check or by credit card only (no cash). We do not accept checks from non-members. Please make checks payable to Old Farm Swim & Paddle Tennis Club, Inc. Guest pass balances are tracked in our membership management system. Unused guest passes expire at the end of each season.

All guests must enter using a valid pass while accompanied by an active Member. Members of our community who are not Old Farm pool Members and have not been a Member during the previous two years, may visit the pool three times during the summer season. We encourage these neighbors to join their friends as Members of our club.

Our exchange program with the Tilden Woods pool allows any member of either pool to be the guest of the other pool, without fee, on Tuesdays and Thursdays while the county schools are on summer vacation. On these days, Tilden Woods guests must be sponsored by a current Member.

Guest pass policies will be strictly enforced by the staff on duty in the office.


A Note About Dues, Maintenance, and Improvements

Every year, the club’s Board attempts to keep dues increases to a minimum while still maintaining and improving the high-quality facilities our members expect. This year, we have raised our dues a modest amount to keep up with pool expenses and to properly fund various capital projects and improvements. Regarding expenses, the cost of our pool operations contract has gone up due to minimum wage increases and due to more operating hours based on the extra long summer (five times every 28 years the pool season is one week longer!).  Regarding capital improvements, the Board recently installed a new pavilion and resurfaced the parking lots. The Board’s hope is that you will readily see how much the pool facilities are improved each year. 


Membership Retirement/Eagles Loft Membership

Continuing Members who joined prior to December 1, 1996 and wish to retire from the Club should endorse and date the back of their certificate, and mail it with any unused guest passes to the P.O. Box. The membership will be repurchased, subject to the provisions of the By-Laws, Article II, Section 5.

In order to avoid being obligated to pay 2020 annual dues, plus applicable late fees, Members wishing to retire their membership must notify the Board of Directors in writing and return their signed certificate of membership prior to the pool opening day (May 23, 2020).

Any Continuing Member who relinquished their membership through retirement or forfeiture may not visit the club as a guest for the next two swim seasons.

Eagles Loft Membership is available to those Continuing Members who joined prior to December 1, 1996 and volunteer to contribute their $300 bond to the pool. Eagles Loft membership includes recognition of a plaque displayed at the pool and a pass valid for four (4) visits to the pool each summer by the persons named on the bond, indefinitely.  Please note that Eagles Loft membership does not confer any ongoing benefits or membership rights to the children or grandchildren of the persons named on the bond.



New Members and prospects will sometimes have questions (tour/preview of the pool, swim/dive team and impact on pool availability, policies, etc.) that may not be addressed or easily found in our website. If so, please feel free to contact our Membership Chair: Patrick McCullough (membership@oldfarmpool.org).

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