Platform Tennis (Paddle Tennis)

Platform Tennis is traditionally played from November to April, but can be played at anytime throughout the year. It is a doubles only sport governed by the rules established by the American Platform Tennis Association(APTA). The sport is affectionately referred to as “Paddle” tennis and is a great cardio sport that is growing rapidly.

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Rules of Paddle Court Use 

  1. All players to wear appropriate shoes when playing 
  2. All players should reserve court time prior to use and list players and guests 
  3. A playing session is 90 minutes as reserved 
  4. Guest fees are $10/day and can be paid to Ed Staunton, by the host or guess via Venmo        @oldfarm-1 
  5. Courts and area are to be kept clean by players at all times 
  6. Court abuse of wire or paddles are strictly forbidden.  All play on courts shall be played according to the rules of Paddle(APTA) or Pickle. No alternate games are allowed on the Paddle courts.
  7. Congregating before or after play is ENCOURAGED
  8. To insure court availability during high demand on weekends/holidays, all players are limited to no more than two reservations (of the same four players) without special permission from the tournament director.

Paddle Contacts 

League & Tournaments – Ed Staunton, , 301-943-0509 


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