We have membership openings so join us today!  You will be setting up a preliminary account in our membership system below.  Once set up, log into your account, fill in the details, choose membership type, and pay the annual dues.  Less than 15 minutes and you will have a summer of fun and year-round activities.

The regular pool membership gives you access to the pool in the summer and paddle/pickleball access year-round.  The Spring and Fall programs require additional fees, but members receive discounted rates.

  • Enter the name of the person who should be contacted with any questions regarding the application.
  • Continuing membership requires an Initiation Fee ($600), but has lower annual dues than Temporary. Planning on staying with us 4+ years? Choose Continuing membership. If you are only planning on being in the area 1-3 years then consider a Temporary membership. Not interested in the pool but want to be active? Just join with a Paddle Tennis or Pickleball membership. Are you 55+ with no kids joining the pool? Enjoy a discount on our Initiation Fee: Couples $450 and Individuals $300. Choose the Senior Membership account type.
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