• Reserve space through the reservation capabilities in our membership system
    • Step by step directions below
  • After reserving space, go to the payment page to guarantee your reservation
    • Payment must be made within 24 hours of reservation or it will be canceled

Pavilion 1/2 B is closest to the grills.

When you reserve a space, you are committing to occupy prime real estate at the pool. The pool board members and staff make behind-the-scenes efforts to accommodate the reservation, not to mention you are denying other members the opportunity to rent the space. Please do not reserve “just in case” you want to use it.

Any reservation made the day before the event must be paid for immediately after making the reservation. There are NO same-day reservations.

If you need to cancel, you can do so within your account or send an email to (we will have to enter the system just like you to cancel it).

Half the pavilion will seat roughly 15, which includes a picnic table and two round tables.  The full pavilion seats roughly 30, which could include one or two picnic tables and 4 round tables   The turf area is rented by table, with 4-5 at each table typically.  Please recognize that you are securing a place to put your stuff, keep the food and cake, and operate as a home base.  Seating is not intended for “fine dining.”


Seems simple, but just in case, here are the steps:

Go to the Log In page:

Yep, you need to remember this login information again, or, go through the retrieval process:

Hover over RESERVATIONS then select Make Reservations (My Reservations will show you your existing reservations, just in case you forgot when you booked that birthday party event…):

Use the calendar to choose the date:

Click on the facility you want to rent.  If you want the whole pavilion, you will need to make two reservations, one for each half.

“1 Spot Remaining” means that time slot is open.  If there is a pool event or a reservation already in place it won’t allow you to choose that time.  A reservation is made for a membership and taking up space at the pavilion or turf area.  The number of people at this point doesn’t matter, except whether you need half or whole pavilion.  The guest count is captured on the payment page.

Once you click on the facility and time grid, you can customize the time you want to make the reservation.

When this is completed, you will receive an email notification with a link to follow for payment.  Or, go to this payment page

Want to have a party?  Host a social event?  Have it at Old Farm Pool.  You can reserve time at our pavilion (whole or half) or turf patio.  Also, if space permits, you can short-term store items in the fridge or freezer (Warning – OFP not responsible for hungry lifeguards!!!).  We have implemented a new process, and it may seem cumbersome, but it offers real time reservation capability (and, makes life a bit easier for the volunteer board members).